Antarctica by Private Yacht

I seemed to vow to myself that someday I would go to the region of ice and snow and go on and on till I came to one of the poles of the earth, the end of the axis upon which this great round ball turns.

- Ernest Shackleton -

Being known as one of the world’s last truly inaccessible destinations, become part of an exclusive group that explores the Antarctica by superyacht, providing you access to the most inaccessible and remote regions of the frozen continent. With onboard assets such as helicopters, submersibles and kayaks to let you really experience the wilderness and the beautiful wildlife. Covered in endless ice almost totally uninhabited it can seem like the very edge of the world - let Antarctica become your next adventure.

If you want to discover Antarctica without compromising on comfort, service and privacy, a superyacht charter is the ultimate way to do so. We also organise several great, small luxury cruises and provide an extraordinary land-based camp adventure in the region. Nevertheless, a private yacht charter offers a truly exclusive and completely personalised way to explore this White Desert. Furthermore, superyachts carry a wide selection of expedition tenders and water toys so you can gain access to those hard-to-reach inlets, bays, icebergs or even below the icebergs. Explore beautiful glaciers by hiking and diving into the geothermal waters.

Exploring by yacht is magnificent, but the real unique experience of Antarctica is the diverse range of animals that make their home here. On day excursions we go out onto the tundra to see chinstrap penguins, seals, sea birds, or leave the ship by kayak, paddleboard to explore between the icebergs to spot whales. With expert guides leading the way you'll learn all about the wildlife that is supported on such an apparently uninhabitable part of the Earth. Back on board the super yacht, the crew are there to ensure everyone's safety, comfort and happiness during this exclusive opportunity, which includes gourmet dining, or a visit to the spa or enjoy the stunning views from your jacuzzi.

Each Antarctic yacht expedition we organise is entirely hand-crafted to exceed your expectations, and with the extreme changeable weather conditions, visitors should be prepared for some spontaneous excursions or small changes, that in our opinion will make your Antarctica expedition a unique adventure.

The sustainability of this extraordinary continent is highly important to Voyages & Journeys. Learn about all the wildlife and their environment on this frozen continent. We will join our expedition leaders and assist them with their scientific research that will help to sustain and improve this beautiful region for generations to come.

How to approach an Antarctica expedition:

To organize an Antarctic private yacht expedition can take up to 6 months, due to the availability of the yacht, the permitting process and further procedures that must be taken. The ultimate time window to visit the Antarctic is between December and February, meaning that we should start the booking process no later than June. Nonetheless, we notice a growing demand for luxury yacht charter to this region, so the earlier you contact us the better.

Best Time to Go
to February
10 Days
9 Nights


Due to the characteristics of this Unique Adventure, the itinerary will be crafted upon request. The Personal Travel Advisor may have to contact you to clarify any doubts in order to deliver a product to suit your requirements.

Passengers capacity: up to 26 pax (13 cabins)


(1) Price per person based on double occupancy

(2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor

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