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Argentina & Chile

Argentina & Chile

Let the world change you and you can change the world.

- Ernesto "Che" Guevara -

Argentina has a big personality filled with European flair, and onboard this amazing journey we will introduce you to this special touch. From the elegance of the Porteños on the grand avenues of the capital and the sensuous moves of the tango, to the easy-going estancias in the rustic heartland. From the bohemian boutiques of the capital to the tiny market stalls of the northwest. Discover the most traditional sport in Argentina – the horse Polo. Visit the beautiful winemaking mastery of Mendoza - home to the famous Malbec wine. Savour mouth-watering cuisine and wines that makes Argentina unique. Experience how to create your own delicacies, this is the true Argentina.

Continue to the “end of the world” where you will visit the oldest estancia in Tierra del Fuego and enjoy an unforgettable experience through the fjords and channels. Take in the wilderness of the place and get your heart racing. In the National Park Torres del Paine in Chile, hike to the edges of glaciers where ice cracks and rumbles around you and follow the path to the iconic three towers form Torres del Paine. You’ll be surrendered by the famous Chilean spell.

Best Time to Go:
October to November
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