Solomon Islands

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

- John F. Kennedy -

The South Pacific is a paradise of its own, the lagoons and shorelines of the Solomons' western parts are among the most beautiful in the Pacific. The Solomons consist of almost a thousand islands spread across around 30 000 square kilometres of ocean. They were named after King Solomon by a 16th-century Spanish adventurer who came chasing legends of gold.

The Solomons saw some of the Pacific fiercest battle fields. Seven thousand Allied troops and around 30 000 Japanese died here. The channel in front of the island of Guadalcanal became known as Iron Bottom Sound for the 70-odd ships that sank during the six-month battle that took place between 1942 and 1943. It was here that, in August of 1943, the PT boat commanded by John F. Kennedy was cut in half by a Japanese destroyer, requiring him to swim to safety while towing an injured crew member, a war story that would lend him considerable gravitas when he became a presidential candidate less than two decades later.

The smaller islands of the archipelago are atolls elevated of the coral reefs, surrounded by absurd beautiful turquoise seas. The larger ones are mountainous, volcanic, such as the highest mountain is on Guadalcanal, a peak of 2 331 meters, their summits haloed in clouds. Their interiors brim with tropical vegetation. Their shores are palm groves and mangroves and empty white beaches broken here and there by simple villages of leaf houses. On a tiny islet Vonavona Lagoon is the final resting place for the skulls of countless vanquished tribe warriors, as well as a shrine for the skulls of Rendovan chiefs. This Island is also known as skull Island, that dates from the 1920s. The skull houses are a small, triangular-shaped casket which also contains the chiefs' clamshell-ring valuables.

The most beautiful part of the Solomons you will find underwater. The archipelago is known to be one of the top dive destinations in the world. Descent down to the glorious reefs where legions of spectacular fish and manta rays appear out of the blue. Dive to the Twin tunnels, two tunnels formed by lava that drop vertically from 12 metres to 35 metres ending in an underwater cave. While you descend you will be surrounded by an abundance of ocean life and coral. The underwater realm around the Solomon islands is said to contain some of the richest marine life in the world.

The level of biodiversity and endemicity in the Solomon Islands is recognised as globally outstanding. The archipelago forms part of a region considered to be one of the most geographically complexes in the world and is located in a very active tectonic area. Mangroves and coconut groves occupy the coastal strips while the interior of the high islands are cloaked in jungle from lowland hardwood forest to mosses living on the higher peaks. Rare wild orchids are just some of the 4,500 plant species spread across the islands. The birdlife is just as diverse and exotic, with an astounding 69 bird species unique to the Solomons.

The Solomon Islands are rich in culture and known for their calm way of life. The perfect way to explore this archipelago is by yacht with V&J Yacht Quest that allows you to combine time ashore the remarkable islands and visits the inhabited atolls that are surrounded by exceptional diving locations.

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