The Rally


Explore the most challenging roads in Europe in fast supercars, world-class hospitality and adrenaline-fuelled experiences

We created this rally to allow you to uncover that driver instinct, and simultaneously join in adrenaline-fuelled experiences. Drive a customized road itinerary that is pre-programmed into the onboard navigation system, allowing you to really attack some of the most notorious mountain passes in Europe, that we have implemented in the route. These passes will really test not only the cars performance but also your driving skills, a true definition of a bucket list driving experience. Together with our world-class hospitality you are in for a unique adventure.

Sports cars were developed on racetracks – and this is exactly where they belong. The Hockenheim Ring is the perfect playground for this. Take place next to a former F1 and Indy-car driver and lap the ring through his tunnel vision. Learn how to harness the power of the Porsche GT3 RS and transfer the driving dynamics optimally to the road together with a professional instructor on hand exclusively for you to push you to your driving limits.

Translocate between accommodations that are each unique in their kind and completely blended in their environments. Discover the highlights of each regional cuisine with exceptional chef’s table experiences and evening entertainment.

The finish line is on the Boulevard Albert 1er, Monte Carlo (Monaco) where you will experience the most legendary Grand Prix in the Formula 1 season, combining The Holland boat, F1 weekend Paddock legend pass and your own VIP table at the most famous race afterparty.

Take part in this rally that goes beyond and delivers you a truly unforgettable experience.

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