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Travelling Responsible

Travelling Responsible


We put together 10 important guidelines for being a responsible experiential travel and making attentive choices in every aspect of your own adventure.

Responsible travel can be achieved by being responsible and making the correct choices. Learning to travel mindful and more responsibly will reduce our direct impact on the environment and ecological diversities. We truly believe that, as travel specialists, we have an increased responsibility to communicate to our consumers how to implement responsible practices.

Our vacations, adventures and expeditions are hand-crafted by us taking in consideration good practices and giving great opportunities to learn, develop and thrust frontiers of responsible travel experiences.

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In Jasper Sigon’s own words when it comes to his adventures, “For me personal, my journey starts with the goal of integrate myself into new cultures and traditions or learning a new skill set.”

It should not be crossing a checklist, but instead focus on the experience, strive to educate yourself and become well informed and create a responsibility for wildlife, ecological conservations and cultures of our beautiful planet and at the end pass it to the others - that’s the ultimate goal.

Therefore, we have put together the following guidelines to see how we create a positive impact on responsible travel as new or experienced adventures.

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Research travel organizations that pursue responsible travel as a core value

We try to implement responsible practices to our journeys and adventures, considering the emissions caused by flights, vehicles, marine voyages and accommodation stays. We try to reduce and optimize at the source, calculating our footprint and supporting habitat conservation and restoration projects around the world.

Plan Responsible Journeys

Avoid mass tourism destinations that are highly frequently visited. This is the first purposeful decision to make in your journeys towards a responsible travel. We always research destinations that most of the times are “below the radar”, and maybe even closure to home than you can possibly think, enabling us to travel to remote parts of the planet with a reduced impact on ecological diversities.

Extend your travelling

Extending your journey provides the opportunity to involve yourself in a destination’s culture and traditions. This creates a connection with the place you are visiting, rather spending your time in short periods in multiple destinations. Create a feeling that you belong somewhere just as home.

Travel a bit slower

A concept we indulge is an elegant and tender journey through a country or a region that allows you to interact with its culture and lets you understand your surroundings. The increase for environmentally friendly transport makes it easier than ever to travel a bit slower, for example by train or boat by an extraordinary network of historical tracks and rivers, specially through Europe.

Smart packing

Reducing the consumption of plastic goods is already a huge step, but by packing your luggage with only your necessary for your journey you are able to reduce your waste, try to use reusables such as the reusable water bottles that you can refill throughout your journey.

Eco-valuable accommodations

When we are planning a journey, we perform an extensive research to the properties and accommodations we provide, we pay attention to their location and how they contribute to their local communities. Another part we do in supporting the local community, is introducing our clients to the local chefs that transform their local products in culinary highlights.

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Unique Excursions that support the local economy

We strive to make sure we work together with local specialists and companies that contribute to the local economy. From our experience this is also the best way to provide an understanding and appreciation of the region and landscapes you are visiting, alongside those that know their surroundings the best.

Support local charities

Combining our journeys with the support to local charities is the ultimate way to learn about the challenges faced by the local populations. By helping them to overcome these challenges is one of the most impactful things we can do during a journey. By dedicating a bit of our time and expertise together with local organisations we can put the focus even more on conservation and environmental protection, teaching and discussing awareness about its wildlife can result in such a deep impact to protect the natural world for the next generation to come.

Think about interaction with wildlife outside their natural surroundings

The most impactful choice you can make as a traveller is to be aware of how you interact with wildlife and do not support organisations that use wildlife for human entertainment. We do not support sanctuaries and zoos that cause harm and trauma to animals. We highly advise against support of any type to organisation that promote riding elephants, taking pictures or walking with tigers and lions in cages, swimming with captive dolphins, or keeping wildlife for human entertainment. We have an obligation to be the voice for those that cannot talk our language and to stand for the welfare of any animal. It is our responsibility to do our background research in supporting any organisation that cares about the health, welfare and future of our wildlife and ecological diversities around the globe.

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