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The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

- Sun Tzu -

The name Asia is ancient and is believed to originate from ancient Greek. It is the largest and most diverse continent, filled with diverse cultures and natural delights. Asia is subject overall to the world’s widest climate extremes, and, consequently, produces the most varied forms of vegetation and animal life on earth. Discover a continent of incredible resources and contrasts.

The possibilities are endless. Shanghai, known as the oriental Paris and it is a perfect blend of eastern and western cultures, or the Mee Goreng Mamak from Malaysia that flourishes in a culinary scene, or the magical Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Explore the astonishing natural beauty of Halong bay (Vietnam) and its turbulent history, or walk the ancient Nakasendo Way, or savour a magnificent train voyage in Japan, or visit the awe-inspiring ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or sail the Mekong river and explore the Delta towards Ho Chi Minh City.

In Thailand wander the buzzing city of Bangkok and visit the golden palaces in Chiang Mai and golden sand beaches in Krabi. Indonesia is strung out over hundreds tropical islands filled with volcanoes, rainforests, historical temples and traditional towns, and one of the last jungles where you can witness the orangutans.

Asia is a destination that gets a grip on you and constantly keeps surprising in so many different ways. Let us help you uncover its traditions and glories.

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