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My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.

- Sir Winston S. Churchill -

Europe is a continent that offers world-class cities and a great variety of cultures and traditions. Then you have the landscapes - from the snowy Alps to the endless beach fronts and winding rivers. Discover the overflow and diversity of fantastic culinary flavours in Europe on one of our tailormade vacations, the black pork of Portugal, the best pizza in Napoli, world class and historical vineyards across Europe, Indonesian cuisine dating back to the 17th century in Amsterdam, or the magnificent fish on the Mediterranean coastlines.

One of the greatest draws to Europe are the historical and ancient architectures, such as the great Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, the royal flair of the French Riviera, the beautiful lemons of Positano, clear waters of Sardinia, the flower fields of The Netherlands to the coloured streets in Portugal. Feel the great and rich history flowing through the streets of Rome, Athens, Paris or in the hills of Sintra.

As all great adventures, the best way to start is slow down to do not miss any details. But once you have experienced Europe’s flair, you will want more and more. Our journeys in Europe are with great grandeur, escorted tours that will guide you to the hidden gems, beautiful cruises with a barge through Bordeaux, the outstanding golf fields in the Algarve, truffle hunting in Piedmont paired with fantastic culinary experiences, cruise among the islands of Croatia or for a beach break at the Italian islands. We can get you a table at the most trendy and elegant restaurants, entrance to the latest exhibitions or tickets to the exclusive events. No matter if you are traveling with your family or as couple or with friends we have the most exited ways to keep everybody entertained.

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