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North Africa & Middle East

North Africa & Middle East

I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed.

- Marco Polo -

North Africa and the middle east are destinations that will dazzle you with their charm, the waving sand dunes of North Africa and the cradle of life in the middle east. The mighty pyramids and beautiful Nile river, Jordan’s ancient ruins of Petra covered in Red dunes, Morocco’s buzzing Medinas and ancient cities, Israel the birthplace of ancient civilizations and biblical sites.

Oman is one of the oldest civilizations in the Arabian Peninsula, being isolated by mountains, sand dunes and sea that are perfect for adventures, from the world’s largest sand desert to magnificent marine life and the ancient “pillow lavas”, Oman has a surfeit of natural wonders that are surprisingly easy to explore. Experience the vibrant soups in Morocco and Egypt. The ancient and biblical lands in Israel and Jordan are completely different but at the same time equally beautiful heritages, from floating in the dead sea to sleeping below the stars in Wadi Rum desert. The glittering high-rises of the Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are playgrounds for all the family, beautiful museums, exciting activities and world-class accommodations.

With our local knowledge and signature services, we will craft that unforgettable adventure you are looking for. Let us take you to the cradle of life and through the heart of these magnificent destinations.

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