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Destiny may ride with us today, but there is no reason for it to interfere with lunch.

- Peter the Great -

Discover the history of the Czars, from the romantic St. Petersburg to the bussing and dynamic Moscow. Russia is as appealing as it is extensive. Our hand-crafted journeys to Russia include excursions with great comfort, go heliskiing in Siberia and enjoy the amazing frozen tundra, explore the Kamchatka Peninsula that is flanked by a large volcano belts containing around 160 volcanos, 29 still being active. Visit the black sea for its seaside towns, easy going ambience with the magnificent scenery of the Caucasus mountains. Step into the Golden Eagle train, a unique Trans-Siberian Express train voyage.

Let us guide you to the iconic highlights of Moscow, such as the Armoury palace which hold the famous 188-carat Orlov Diamond, the Red Square’s St Basil’s Cathedral, the tomb of Lenin, the mighty Kremlin or the remarkable splendour of Tretyakovsky street.

Travel northwest and settle in the romantic St Petersburg, float over the magnificent canals, visit the impressive palaces, the summer home of Peter the Great that emulate Versailles and beautiful decorated cathedrals. Explore the breathtaking hermitage and Fabergé museums and surround yourself with extraordinary art and architecture.

Together with the wonderful architecture, history, heritage and culture we let you experience a new dimension on your visit. We have world-class local partners with who we provide unique private excursions to see the off-limits department of museums, tasting marvellous vodka and caviar and to experience the finest cuisines at the most elegant atmospheres.

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