I have come to the conclusion that life in the Antarctic Regions can be very pleasant.

- Robert Falcon Scott -

Planet's final frontier

Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole. It is one of the planet’s last remaining natural frontiers. Its intense beauty and hostility, being isolated from the rest of the world, provides an astonishing natural habitat for a wide array of wildlife. Follow the path of the British Explorer Sir James Clark Ross, who recognised the dramatic scenes of over 14 million square kilometres of ice-covered land, as the Antarctica continent that we now know and love.

Cruise the Antarctica with one of our magnificent cruise expeditions to the very end of planet earth. Join your discovery leaders and regional specialists to encounter deafeningly loud penguin colonies on the ice, elephant seals and orcas battling in the freezing waters or the seabirds grasping unpredictable to the cliff walls. Fly to the only carbon neutral accommodation in the Antarctica 70º 45’49”S 11º36’59”E. Explore your skills of a polar explorer in a four day journey led by a world record-breaking adventurer, from a rope walk over a 600 meters cliff to the atmospheric crystallized ice caves beneath the glacier surface. Each day will have new and unique activities to discover.

Explore this magical, photogenic and endlessly fascinating landscapes of the Antarctic with one of our unique journeys to the last frontier – the perfect blend of luxury, adventure and unforgettable experiences.

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