People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.

- Sir Edmund Hillary -

Welcome to the polar bear territory

Permanently covered in snow and ice, the arctic region, also known as the land of the midnight sun, is a unique area among earth’s ecosystem. Our polar itineraries feature exclusive accommodations, unforgettable activities and wildlife spotting. This scenic destination seizes your attention and curiosity and will refuse to let you go.

While riding your snowmobile or being pulled by a pack of huskies, explore these enormous frozen oceans and challenging landscapes of the northernmost region of the planet. You might see the powerful polar bears, a pack of wolves on the hunt, or even the occasional shy Arctic fox darting across the tundra. Explore the largest fjord systems in the world, discover traditional Inuit villages and admire the Northern Lights in the middle of the night dancing in the skies above you.

Guided by professionals and specialists that will navigate you through the beautiful scenery shaped by the climate, our hand-crafted voyages will take you right into the heart of the Arctic wilderness. Your itinerary can include extraordinary arctic expedition cruises or full equipped land expeditions, each journey will have our unique blend of grandeur and adventure. From exploring Lapland by sled or snowmobile or observing grizzly bears in British Columbia to exploring Denali National park in Alaska. You are in for an adventure of a lifetime.