The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

- Sun Tzu -

The name Asia is antique and is believed to originate from ancient Greek. It is the largest and most diverse continent, filled with diverse cultures and natural delights. Asia is subject overall to the world’s widest climate extremes, and, consequently, produces the most varied forms of vegetation and animal life on earth. Discover a continent of incredible resources and contrasts.

Trek deep within the jungle to the ruins of Angkor, one of the world’s seven wonders and choose from helicopter, hot air balloon, jeep, or quadbike to venture the surrounding landscape. Dive at High Rock, Myanmar world-renowned for its pelagic populations, before a private blessing from a Buddhist monk. Rope up under the guidance of experts, through the earth’s surface opening to reveal Song Doong cave, the largest cave system in the world, and scramble across this undulating underground landscape. Thailand houses some of the oldest rainforests and is fringed by a collection of islands that will leave you in complete isolation and peace.

Raja Ampat is steeped in beauty, history, and uninhabited paradises. Sail through this beautiful archipelago made up of more than 1500 small islands, unspoiled, covered in thick tropical rainforests with diverse ecosystems and thriving marine life. Explore Langkawi by foot with naturalist guides and encounter monkeys, monitor lizards and orangutans. Abseil through waterfalls, white water raft challenging rapids and paddle on secluded lakes, spelunking in large cave systems. 

Roam food markets with expert guides, before visiting the largest Buddhist temple of Southeast Asia, soaking in Malaysia’s vibrant history. 

Visit China’s iconic sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall and enjoy a boat ride through picturesque antique water towns. Trek through ancient trade links through juniper forests and picnic on snow-capped mountains to watch the amber hues at sunrise. Go in search of rare species endemic to China and immerse yourself into Panda conservation.

Asia is a destination that gets a grip on you and constantly keeps surprising in so many different ways. Let us help you uncover its traditions and glories.