An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment.

- David Attenborough -

A journey through Canada will truly inspire you, its magnificent scenery and wilderness will take you back to the basics of life, from experiencing the breathtaking wildlife up close from your kayak to visiting the buzzing cosmopolitan cities, where many amazing traditions from all over the world come together with a spectacular nightlife.

Hike through the beautiful vast and untamed wilderness of Canada. Travel alongside our adventure specialists as you search for Polar Bears, Wolves, Moose, Arctic Fox and much more while learning about ancient migratory paths. Kayak and snorkel alongside Beluga whales and watch as these friendly and highly intelligent animals dance in pods around you. Dive into the Canadian history and study the first people to settle in these remote locations’ centuries ago. Visit Jasper National Park, defined by glaciers, extraordinary lakes, and Rocky Peaks like the 3 370 meters Mountain Edith Cavell; or see them from your cabin with a glass wine onboard the world-famous Mountaineer.

If you are looking for the best seats on the planet to view the aurora borealis, Yukon, is the ideal longitude and latitude from the earth’s magnetic poles 60ºN 135ºW. Hike across the tundra alongside a naturalist, learning about the ecosystem and fly to remote lodges that will keep you in unadulterated luxury, reclining in the evening to behold the wondrous Northern lights. Paddle through the gigantic icebergs in the rough Newfoundland waters, fly to your lodge by seaplane and explore the magical wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. A spectacular journey, this region is considered to be a rare jewel in today’s world. Get up close with Orcas, Whales and Grizzly Bears.

The bright and bustling, Toronto is a cosmopolitan city whose residents have roots across the globe. Toronto’s remarkable diversity more evident than in its food and restaurants what is phenomenal, in drinks and nightlife, the city has you covered with sleek martini bars and high-end cocktail lounges. Vancouver is all scenic grandeur with the mountains to one side and the pacific on the other.

Planning your adventure in Canada, you need to be sure that you will be travelling with local experts and specialists who will optimize your time in the second-largest country in the world.

With our experience and signature services we draft the most special itineraries, with our professional local experts we ensure that all your interests are in the plan.