Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

You may explore, you may evaluate but you can't execute if you are not willing to take action. Decide to take off now!

- Abel Janszoon Tasman -

The turquoise blue and warm waters, lavish marine life and breathtaking beach fronts, the tropical islands of the Indian ocean are pure paradise. The world-class hospitality and elegance combined with the spectacular scenery make these islands the perfect spot for a relaxation vacation.

The Maldives existing out of hundreds of Islands and 26 magnificent coral atolls, is one of the most famous and attractive travel destinations. It holds some of the most unique and most luxurious accommodations in the Indian Ocean, a region also known to be one of the best diving spots in the world providing exceptional marine life. From the buzzing main Island Male to the tropical islands of the southern atolls, a fantastic way to explore the islands is by yacht or hop between islands with a seaplane that gives you a unique view on the beautiful wildlife and fauna and flora.

The Island of Mauritius has a diverse cultural history, Port Louis, the capital city combines perfectly the current modern and elegant colonial. Its unique blend of architectural styles is a product of Dutch, French and British settlers, with influences from India and East Africa. Its famed for its pristine white beaches and clear Indian Ocean. Experience the vivid colours and cultural contrasts of this special island.

The beautiful Seychelles is made up of 115 islands, where you can explore all kind of environments, from tangled and untouched rainforests and nature reserves, to diving between extraordinary coral reefs, home to rare animals such as the giant Aldabra tortoises. Visit the Vallée de Mai Nature reserve where you can find sculpted rock formations and the beautiful black Seychelles parrots, or visit the uninhabited Outer Islands that are coral atolls and sand cays only accessible by boat.

The Indian Ocean was once crossroads of the old trading routes and provides now a perfect balanced mixture of beautiful culture and landscapes. These Indian Ocean voyages with our signature services will provide you the perfect retreat.