North Africa & Middle East

North Africa & Middle East

I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed.

- Marco Polo -

North Africa and the Middle East are destinations that will dazzle you with their charm – the waving sand dunes of North Africa and the cradle of life in the Middle East. Head out to the majestic Pyramids of Giza, jump from an aircraft and free-fall over one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Travel to Al Fayoun a green oasis with palm trees, waterfalls, and rare wildlife. Journey to Luxor, home to the Valley of Kings and temple complexes. Take to the skies in a hot air balloon over the ‘open-air museum’ of Luxor. Sail from Esna to Aswan, up the mighty Nile, in utter luxurious comfort. Explore Jordan’s ancient ruins of Petra, and the Wadi Rum Desert – a wilderness of tall granite, red sandstone mountains and narrow canyons which are still inhabited by the Bedouin tribes today.

Discover the Toukbal National Park, as you trek the highest mountain in North Africa. Surrounded by villages of the Mizane Valley, travel to scenic pastureland for a high-octane dune-buggy adventure that will take you deep into the Agafay stone desert. Discover Israel, the birthplace of ancient civilizations and biblical sites. Helicopter to the northern edge of the dead sea and fly over vistas of the old city, monasteries, and Bedouin tribes. Set out to the dead sea for a mineral-rich swim, spending the afternoon quad biking over dunes before star gazing and camping in the Negev desert as you watch the sunset.

Oman is one of the oldest civilizations in the Arabian Peninsula, being isolated by mountains, sand dunes and sea makes it perfect for adventures. From the world’s largest sand desert, in search for the rare Arabian leopard with a conservationist and explore the UNESCO site of Wadi Dawkah; to the magnificent marine life and the ancient “pillow lavas”; Oman has an excess of natural wonders that are surprisingly easy to explore. The Island of Socotra lies off the coast of Yemen and its ancient biodiversity has been bringing scientists to its shores for years. Visit a traditional Socotran village, to fish the clear waters and dive between an abundance of sea life. Venture to the white sand dunes of the Southern coastline, secluded lagoons and private beaches.

The glittering high-rises of the Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are playgrounds for all the family, beautiful museums, exciting activities, and world-class accommodations. Saudi Arabia is a stage for all things adventurous.

With our local knowledge and signature services, we will craft that unforgettable adventure you are looking for. Let us take you to the cradle of life and through the heart of these magnificent destinations.