South America

South America

The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.

- Charles Darwin -

South America is a lost wilderness with breathtaking landscapes, charming cultures, vibrant cities, ancient and fascinating heritage. From the largest tropical rainforest Amazon, to the panoramic grandeur of the Andes and the wild Patagonia. Visit the energetic streets of Rio de Janeiro, the place to be, with its world-famous Copacabana beach front and carioca lifestyle. Join our jungle specialists to explore the dense amazon delta for a jungle survival experience led by a team of survival specialists where we will test your most basic instincts. Explore the magnificent wetlands of the Pantanal. See an array of wildlife and assist in the collaring of jaguars alongside expert scientists.

Argentina is a mecca for foodies with its marvellous cuisine and phenomenal wines, savour the festival atmosphere of city life in Buenos Aires. In South America it is always possible to find something for everybody. Expect colour, passion, flamboyance and superb gastronomy in the city, before heading west to Mendoza, the wine capital, we will also bring you closer to the outdoors. Mountain bike, kayak, horseback ride, and raft as you explore the bird-rich wetlands. Travel to the unofficially recognized 8th wonder of the world, the Torres Del Paine National Park. Separate yourself from civilisation, and be at one with the epic scenery, as you explore further by horseback or helicopter. Enjoy private gourmet lunches atop glaciers and track the elusive puma, trailing beside experts as you explore the plains.

Explore the smaller countries that will unveil truly astonishing countryside and heritage. Discover the famous heart of the Incan empire and explore Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu atop the Peruvian Andes. See an affluence of European colonial architecture decorating the entire continent. Journey to the Peruvian Amazon and explore the luscious jungle on foot and witness unique and intriguing wildlife including 540 bird species, monkeys, sloths, capybara, and snakes. Kayak the fjords as you go in search of hidden waterfalls, encountering a range of wildlife on the way, before camping beneath the stars of an evening in the Chilean wilderness.

The unique wildlife and geographical diversity from the dense Amazon Rainforest to the rough wilderness of Patagonia in the south, South America has it all from majestically landscapes to rare wildlife. The big highlight of South America is the magical Galapagos Islands which hold the rarest flora & fauna in the world.

Uruguay is the South American country known for its verdant interior, visit Ciudad Vieja beautiful decorated with art deco buildings, Punta del Este for its world-class accommodations, endless beautiful beaches and glamourize nightlife, or head inland to savour the magnificent vineyards and culinary highlights of Uruguay.