The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau -

Voyages & Journeys Yacht-Quest is the for those that are seeking something completely off market, we design unique experiences that will change your perspective to what all is possible on board a yacht. By working on a global scale, we were able to build an extraordinary network of local experts, together with our experience we are able to operate in the most obscure geographical locations, keeping in mind to maintain the lowest impact on ocean life and their habitats.


We visualize a yacht as an extension to raise the bar for experiential travel and yachting to an unknown level to deliver unique experiences, did you know? that almost 80% of the global yacht manoeuvring happens on less than 20% of the global ocean capacity. With the demand in experiential travel raising and knowing the amount of new explorer yachts being introduced to the market we will be able to provide unique Yacht Quests to explore destinations on amphibious method, land, ocean, air. It will inspire the yacht adventurer in you.


With the years of living and working offshore our founders grew an expediential ocean experience to navigate unforgettable yacht quests, with great attention to detail, safety and examining each step, in corporation with very experienced and passionate crews onboard the yacht we deliver yacht quests that pushes the boundary of experiential travel.

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