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The Numinous

The Numinous

This English word could appropriately be used to describe the Grand Canyon or the Northern Lights. Something numinous is awe-inspiring and mysterious. It's difficult to understand from a rational perspective, which gives it a spiritual or unearthly quality.


Numinous is our online column, where you can read the personal travel stories and tips. It will be all about sharing the passion about travelling, exploring unique destinations and extraordinary experiences. Get ready to discover new cultures and environments.


We will be publishing interviews, photographs and Partners’ inputs to improve the future of travel.

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Why do We Use Yachts?

Move the boundary of Experiential Travel with flair and explore the most remote environments around the globe.

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On the Horizon

If you share our enduring passion to adventure and explore the most astonishing parts of our beautiful planet.

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Experiential Travel with the Family

Searching the adventures with your kids is incredibly rewarding for both parents and the children.

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Travelling on a Sustainable Way

Important guidelines for being a responsible experiential travel and making attentive choices.