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    Home - About Us About Us Anyone can travel, but not anyone knows how to explore to be or become an adventurer. - Unknown - In Voyages and Journeys, we strive to deliver unforgettable adventures and experiences that fully optimises client’s time off. We truly elevate the way to discover destinations around the globe. Any person can go online and book a holiday, but our goal is that everybody knows how to really explore and make it meaningful. This was the main reason why our Co-Founders created this project – to let everybody discover this exceptional planet on an adventure that creates eternal memories. Go heliskiing downhill in Greenland looking over the fjords, take a predator buggy to explore the Agafay desert, drive through the Empty Quarter in Oman and learn how to read the dancing sand dunes, join your onboard naturalist and learn about the conservation of the Galapagos islands, sail through the magical Solomon/Vanuatu Islands and discover the ancient untouched fauna & flora. With your inspiration, our innovation and knowledge, we create unique itineraries. Whether it is reaching the summit of the Uhuru Peak or the Tigers Nest or diving to shipwrecks in the world’s most state-of-the-art submersibles, our only limitations are the boundaries of imagination. Through the years and journeys, we had the opportunity to work closely with conservationists, biologists and naturalists – true pioneers of their speciality – allowing us to explore the most undiscovered (culturally and geographical) and ecological diverse destinations around the globe. In each itinerary we pay close attention to the smallest details with precision, in order to provide a unique perspective on biodiversity, wildlife, culture, traditions, and most important, the way we travel. We wish to collect incomparable experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. We want you to develop a better understanding and appreciation around the destination that we are exploring. Whatever the adventure or vacation requires, we set out to create memories to take home. We truthfully support and encourage travelling responsible. We support frontline researchers and assist local organizations to protect the wildlife and natural habitats around the globe. Jasper Sigon Co-Founder ​ Nationality: Dutch ​ Phone: +351 962 924 828 Vanessa Mestre Co-Founder ​ Nationality: Portuguese ​ Phone: +351 917 800 008

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    Home - The Numinous - Accommodations Accommodations with an Impact May-2020 Every day, our main priority is to make dream journeys come true and create unforgettable memories. We want to inspire you with destinations and exceptional experiences that are leading the way for wildlife and environment conservation. The year 2020 presented itself full of challenges, but also encouraged a new and more mindful approach to travel. The world as we know came to a stop and we witnessed the world recovering for itself, enhanced blue skies and the return of wildlife to regions that once flourished with life. Explore a greater appreciation for our wildlife and environment with Voyages & Journeys. Have a look to some of our exceptional accommodations that allows you to experience first-hand how to support the local wildlife and environment. [Costa Rica] Lapa Rios Perched on an ocean-facing ridge in the midst of a 4 000 square meters private rainforest reserve, is an inspiring model for the protection of biodiversity. From the soil to the skies, at Lapa Rios there is life wherever you look, the surrounding verdant world is teeming with creatures (big and small), many iconic and others yet to be discovered. Their mission is to demonstrate that responsible tourism can be profitable and therefore a successful vehicle for ensuring wilderness preservation, providing the ultimate immersive experience into one of the planet’s most biodiverse locations. Discover extraordinary primates and macaws in many colours and sizes, while learning about the local wildlife and help protect its endangered environment. Being a protective barrier for Corcovado National Park, Lapa Rios preserves and protects the regional flora and fauna. A balanced combination of opulence and unique experiences that allow you to appreciate the importance of conservation. [Maldives] Velaa Private Island Hidden between the many paradise islands of the Maldives, in the middle of uninhabited islands lies Noonu Atoll, an isolated private island with an amazing preservation project. They use an exceptional coral gardening concept which is a two-stage process for coral propagation. In the first phase, the corals are grown in a nursery environment where they can increase substantially in size due to the little to no predation, increased water flow, good light availability, lack of sedimentation and removal of competitors such as algae. Once the corals have reached substantial size, they will be “transplanted” back to the reef. This is the second stage and is essentially the process of gluing the coral back on to the reef. All throughout this process, they monitor the corals health and growth rates. [Norway] Wolf Lodge Hidden in the world’s most northern wildlife habitat is the innovative Wolf Lodge, located offering exceptional wildlife experiences. Visualize yourself standing face-to-face with the curious golden eye Arctic Wolf. The Norwegian wild wolf populations have been under pressure for years with a single pack of 25 individuals remaining today. Polar Park established wolf visits to educate visitors and locals on the need to preserve the nation’s nature and to ensure better welfare for wolves in captivity. The wolves are socialised and accustomed to be with humans at close range. They might welcome you by licking you in the face like they do with their pack members. The wolves like being touched. Join our specialist and learn about these majestic animals in their natural environment and gain an unforgettable insight into their behaviour before returning to the tranquillity of this extraordinary lodge. [Rwanda] Singita Kwitonda Lodge Encounter one of the most extraordinary success stories at the Kwitonda Lodge. Rwanda has one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in Africa today. The lodge property is located on the edge of Volcanoes National Park, the most heavily patrolled national park. It has significance as the home to one third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, a critically endangered wildlife population which is under the constant threat of poaching. They are currently creating a reforestation (buffer) zone between the lodge and the gorilla’s continuedly shrinking habitat, to protect them from poachers. A truly overwhelming experience! Explore the beautiful rainforest, encounter on a safe and minimum distance the mountain gorillas and learn about the importance of responsible tourism, the survival of the mountain gorilla’s environment. [Scotland] Alladale Wilderness Reserve The 93 000 square meters Alladale Wilderness Reserve is just an hour drive north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Alladale’s dramatic glens, colourful hills, glistening rivers, many hill lochs, and native wildlife will capture your heart. Although strikingly beautiful, the Highlands are not what they once were. These barren lands used to be home to lush pine forests and large predators. Few people know that just 1%t of what the Romans called “the Great Forest of Caledon” remains today. As a result, much of the flora and fauna that once thrived here, have disappeared and the landscape has altered dramatically. The Alladale rewilding advocates work hard to rewild this unique part of the Highlands to its former glory, reintroducing original plant and wildlife species such as the Scottish wildcat, red squirrel and the golden and white-tailed eagles. Join a guided ranger tour to search for wild boar, red squirrels, golden eagles and learn about Alladale’s fascinating wildcat breeding project. [Tanzania] Singita Sasakwa Lodge The Serengeti plains bursts with wildlife, including vast herds of plains game, a plethora of predators and the spectacle of the annual great migration. The Grumeti Fund is the proud custodian of more than 1 million square meters of this unique ecosystem. Ensuring the continued protection of the Serengeti concessions, situated primarily in the critical western corridor of the plains, is essential to the future sustainability of the ancient migration that defines these lands. In 2003, a combination of uncontrolled illegal hunting, rampant wildfires and spreading stands of invasive alien vegetation had severely depressed resident wildlife numbers. When the Grumeti fund took over this ecosystem they applicated an effective support that account the complex interactions between the all elements of the savannah environment, the natural function is mostly restored by their intense dedication. The result is an exceptional wilderness experience. [Tanzania] Thanda Island Thanda Island is part of research and conservation projects on the region’s sea turtles, dugongs and whale sharks, as well as the preservation and rehabilitation of the Shungimbili coral reef. The island provides a basis for its neighbouring Mafia Island’s Marine Park Rangers to patrol the western side of Mafia and several other islands to stop illegal fishing in the area. Thanda Island is deeply committed to the education and wellbeing of the young people on Mafia, including programmes on sustainable fishing and marine conservation, and the development of healthy sporting activities. We employ members from the community on the Island and offer high-end hospitality skills development and employment advancement. [Zimbabwe] Pamushana Lodge The extinction of black rhino in the area and the depletion of white rhino numbers to only nine was cause for great concern in 1998. A programme to reintroduce these species was initiated by The Malilangwe Trust when 28 black and 15 white rhinos were purchased and relocated from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Since their release, these animals have been under the constant watchful eye of Malilangwe’s anti-poaching ranger team. This protection, in conjunction with a favourable habitat, has ensured that populations of both species have grown significantly over the last 20 years. The thriving population has seen an improvement of the ecology of the reserve through black rhino filling the ecological niche they held before local extinction. The programme has been so successful that Malilangwe is now in a position to send some of its black rhino to other reserves in Africa, in order to re-establish populations in areas where the species was previously poached to extinction.

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    Home - Explore - Destinations - Antarctic Antarctic Every day some new fact comes to light - some new obstacle which threatens the gravest obstruction. I suppose this is the reason which make the game so well worth playing. - Robert Falcon Scott - Planet's final frontier Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole. It is one of the planet’s last remaining natural frontiers. Its intense beauty and hostility, being isolated from the rest of the world, provides an astonishing natural habitat for a wide array of wildlife. Follow the path of the British Explorer Sir James Clark Ross, who recognised the dramatic scenes of over 14 million square kilometres of ice-covered land, as the Antarctica continent that we now know and love. Cruise the Antarctica with one of our magnificent cruise expeditions to the very end of planet earth. Join your discovery leaders and regional specialists to encounter deafeningly loud penguin colonies on the ice, elephant seals and orcas battling in the freezing waters or the seabirds grasping unpredictable to the cliff walls. Fly to the only carbon neutral accommodation in the Antarctica 70º 45’49”S 11º36’59”E, explore your skills of a polar explorer in a four day journey led by a world record-breaking adventurer, from a rope walk over a 600 meters cliff to the atmospheric crystallized ice caves beneath the glacier surface. Each day will have new and unique activities to discover. Explore this magical, photogenic and endlessly fascinating landscapes of the Antarctic with one of our unique journeys to the last frontier – the perfect blend of luxury, adventure and unforgettable experiences. Contact us & l et's do it together

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