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Voyages & Journeys focuses on experiential and responsible travel with a particular emphasis on sustainability, exceptional adventures and vacations to the most remote edges of the world. Each request, itinerary or occasion is personally created taking in consideration the client’s specific wishes and desires. Our focus is to fully optimise our client’s precious free time with the total absence of client worry and provide an itinerary that will leave eternal memories.


This membership provides an exclusive access to the world of Voyages & Journeys. As a member you will receive a lifestyle specialist, who will be there to inspire, create and combine our bespoke innovation with your ambitions. Also, you will be invited to the yearly “World of V&J” event hosted by our founders, where we will share the new and exciting adventures, combined with performances and speakers – definitely an event to look forward and that you do not want to miss.


This membership is much more than just a membership, it is a lifestyle concept. To become a member, please click the button below, fill the form below and we will get in contact.

V&J_The Royal Capital Club (No Backgroun
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