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Travel with Us

Travel with Us

We are here to take you to the ends of the world and guide you through the most bespoke paradises out there. For us, travel is more than a passion, it is an educational tool to learn more about ourselves, our planet and its biodiversity, truly enhancing every single experience. Born from the passion of two founders who travel across the world, they are set out to transform luxury travel, and in Vanessa’s own words “there are so many more possibilities than people realise at first”.

During our journeys, we have visited breathtaking places and interact with cultures that help us to understand different perspectives, providing us life-changing moments. What surprised us off-guard is the impact our presence had on the local community and environment.

Through our travels in Sumatra (Indonesia) we have visited the UNESCO World Heritage Leuser ecosystem – the last place on earth where tigers, elephants, orangutans, and rhinos live together in the wild. The FKL rangers that guided us through the dense jungle showed us the magical bond between wildlife and their ecosystem and the importance of protecting it. Unfortunately, we could also witness the destruction of their ecosystem, illegal poaching and impacts of heavy industries; it’s an image not possible to forget. Moments like these makes us aware of how impactful it is to explore with purpose, and Voyages & Journeysreflects our own values and experiences.

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Moments created by your inspiration

What do you like? What do you dislike? What is your passion? What are you curious about? These are some of the questions that come into the equation when planning a perfect trip. We really want to know it all. We always start with an introduction meeting under the joy of a lunch, a drink or through a video call to explain who we are and then we start with a blank sheet of paper, where we start to create your journey based entirely around your inspiration.

We pride ourselves to create every journey or spectacular adventure from scratch, we do not work with static itineraries and the plan is interactive and flexible. Your inspiration lays down the direction we create the incomparable route that challenges the most knowledgeable traveller.

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Our expertise makes it possible

Whether it is sailing to Antarctica to witness the Solar Eclipse, going on a diving expedition around the Cocos Islands, guiding you to the far edges of Lapland, or through the wilderness of British Columbia; we understand more than ever that it takes a team of world experts to please the truly curious minds. Archaeologists, astronomers, anthropologists, marine biologists, professional photographers, naturalists and amazing conservation projects, the list goes on. Together with our unique network of specialists and industry partners, we outmanoeuvre the most challenging obstacles and turn them into exciting opportunities.

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Every day we set out to find the new and exciting

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution states that evolution happens by natural selection. Individuals in a species show variation in physical characteristics. (…) As a consequence those individuals most suited to their environment survive and, given enough time, the species will gradually evolve.

This is a good analogy for the love for travelling. There is always something new and exciting to discover and to experience. In Jasper’s own words “It’s a hunger that never stills”.

Every day we communicate with specialists and local communities, and go in search of the extraordinary, to see how we can access the world’s most remarkable locations and create unforgettable experiences. During our journeys we always try to understand how we could assist the local community and conservation projects, to make sure that the environment and community can benefit from our travels.

Fluffy White Clouds

Founded in 2017 and continuously raising the bar

Day in day out, year after year, we are continuously developing our knowledge, opening more and more doors (closed for most), developing adventures that are not for the faint-hearted and journeys that connect the 7 continents with our oceans.

We provide our clients with experiences that turn into memories and stories that last a lifetime and voyages unlike anything they have experienced before.

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