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Heli-Ski & Ski Touring

The most epic Heli-Ski & Ski Touring around the World

When you get to ski a perfect line down the mountain, it feels like when you weightless in warm water, like you are flying, it’s a mystical experience, and that’s why we do it! 
- Angel Collison -

From Alaska’s peaks to the landscapes of Patagonia, or Greenland’s glaciers, or even Japan and New Zealand. Heliskiing and ski touring allows access to some of our planet’s most remote slopes.


“The excitement of being dropped on a snowy plateau by helicopter or reaching the top by touring; there and then, standing central in pristine silence to descend through the freshest powder it’s an experience hard to beat.” - Jasper Sigon


Backcountry touring and heli skiing are truly the ultimate winter experience. Imagine standing on the top of a summit or a snowy plateau. You look down, you adjust your equipment one last time, then head down the slope, making a first descent of untouched deep powder snow. For ski enthusiasts just like our Co-Founder Jasper Sigon there is really no better way to enjoy this beautiful activity than with untouched terrain. It is that simple, heli-skiing and ski touring offers better snow, challenging topography, and throws in the thrills and breathtaking views of repeated helicopter rides or while touring up.

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At Voyages & Journeys, we provide the most epic heli skiing and ski touring experiences, itineraries that surpasses your highest expectations. Those that are unique, incomparable, and extraordinary. They will take you from summit to sea, from valley to fjord, to some of the best and most extreme skiing destinations around the world. Joined by highly skilled UIAGM / IFMGA qualified mountain guides you are ensured that you have the best possible heliskiing or ski touring experience. They will take you to the best backcountry huts and show you their favorite hidden powder stashes. We will provide you with morning safety briefings and ensure every detail during your vacation goes smoothly along with all logistical services required. From snow camping in an expedition tent to posting up in luxurious off-the-grid lodges. With us you can go as hardcore or luxe as you want. These multi-day ski experiences are perfect for everyone from backcountry newbies to more experienced ski mountaineers we make sure your time goes beyond expectations.

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We understand the powder-hungry skier that is in search of the unbeaten track and the unexpected twists that come with it better than most. We offer the most unique locations in the world combined with the ultimate ski experiences, from remote runs under the midnight sun to being flown to untouched peaks. British Columbia is widely regarded as the Mecca of heli skiing in North America, if you really want to experience those 30 meters of powder that falls yearly, it is absolutely the place to get it done. When you are looking for the gold standard in Europe, Zermatt is one of Switzerland’s most renowned mountain resorts, taking a chopper ride past the most beautiful peak in the Swiss Alps, the famed Matterhorn, Air Zermatt offers five different slopes for you to ride down. Without a doubt, Iceland offers some of the most mind blowing heliskiing on the planet, and if you want to ski here this is a destination that it is well worth committing to a multi-day package. Descent from remote flat-topped summits looking out across the North Atlantic down huge snowfields all the way to that same ocean; there are very few places on Earth where you can do this. Or head to a secret land in the far north where the skiing is epic, and the adventures are just a bit different. It is a place where jagged peaks rise out of shimmering seas like snow-white shark’s teeth. Where intrepid skiers land on black-sand beaches and ski tour to serene summits. The Lyngen fjord is located inside Norway's Arctic Circle where you will experience a perfect combination of nature and luxury. Watching the Northern Lights, unravel above you, you are assured to see nature at its absolute best.

But we notice that we are all quick to jump to the Northern Hemisphere for a spot of heli-assisted adventure or an epic ski touring escape, without knowing how much the Southern hemisphere has to offer. The Andes Mountain range that straddles the border of Chile and Argentina. Giving thrill-seekers an alternating season to the top half of the globe, Chile is renowned for its perfect balance of touring terrain and some of the Southern Hemisphere’s healthiest snowfall depths. The famous Chugach range in Alaska has 750000 acres permitted for heli-ski operators, only a handful of groups of five people are allowed to ski it daily. That means fresh, unbroken powder on just about every run and a more exclusive skiing experience. The Chugach Mountains receive an annual average of nearly 700 inches of snow and has a reputation for iconic big lines. Russia likely wouldn’t usually spring to mind as the type of place you would like to go skiing but the wilderness of the former Soviet Union’s Far East is overlooked when it comes to heli-skiing. The end-of-the-earth, Kamchatka Peninsula, is located between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea is home to the greatest concentration of active volcanoes anywhere on the planet. Along with the raw, breathtaking scenery, Kamchatka’s mountainous region is covered in delicious white powder during the winter, making it a perfect heli-skiing destination for those who want to shred snow that’s never been shredded before.

Thinking about Turkey, skiing isn’t necessarily the first activity that comes to mind. Which makes the Kaçkar mountain range a well-guarded secret. Located in the north-eastern reaches of Turkey, the mountains are harried by frequent storms blowing off the Black Sea, which result in amazingly fresh, deep snow. The highest point is 3937 meters, which is a hell of a descent. Japan’s north, Hokkaido’s huge mountainous expanse experiences up to 30 metres of super high-quality snow during the peak of the season, making it your dreamland for heli-skiing. Surrounded by dormant volcanoes and skeleton forests covered in white snow. Head to the top of the 1100-meter Shiribetsu-Dake volcano. But be warned, this one is not for amateurs, with the average run over 650 meters long and encountering some steep sections with wicked curves. Japan is known for having too much snow, meaning bluebirds are rare. Choose wisely.

Head even more south for the stunning views of the 17 mountain ranges of New Zealand’s Southern Alps that provides a stunning 8288 square kilometers of epic skiing terrain, with typical runs landing between 600 and 1000 meters with over 800 diverse runs and endless fresh lines combined with a gourmet picnic on the mountain and access to the highest terrain at 2585 meters, there definetely will not be any shortage of untouched snow. A little bit further, 65°S, you will find the 7th continent, Antarctica. It remains the only unspoiled continent on our planet. Almost entirely covered in a permanent ice cap that reaches as much as 4776 meters. The Antarctic peninsula is highly mountainous, its highest peaks rising to about 2800 meters. Notable peaks on the peninsula include Mount Castro, Mount Coman, Mount Gilbert and Mount Jackson, which is the highest point at 3184 meters above sea level. Experience wilderness of extraordinary beauty and magnificent rawness, where the mountains offer endless options for heli-skiing including the potential for first ascents and descents.

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