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Level up your Alpine Mountaineering with V&J

Don’t be afraid to dream big. It doesn’t matter where you come from. You can show the world that nothing is impossible.
- Nimsdai Purja -

Let’s take the concept of adventure to a higher altitude, whether you are looking for hikes through the most outstanding environments such as the Italian Dolomites, Torres del Paine in Chili, Machu Picchu in Peru, Patagonia in Argentina the magical landscapes of Bhutan, the natural beauty of China, the legendary and ancient walkway in Japan or, one of the favourite destinations from our Co-Founder Jasper Sigon, British Columbia in Canada. We have the instruments, knowledge, and experience to provide you with hiking expeditions that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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With these types of extreme adventures, success depends on punctilious preparation. With the right training, planning and mindset, no summit or finish line is out of reach. We guide you through every step, which clothing to purchase, which materials needed, training and courses, checklists, photography and videography, every tiny detail will be taking care off to ensure the only thing you have to focus on is reaching your daily goals. The hiking itineraries we design are not your average day to day plannings, we design it in a way that we are able to ensure that during your evenings and your recovery moments you are fully surrounded by comfort, luxury and all the necessary essentials to fully optimise every second of your down time so that you are fully rested and energized for the next objective.

While with some experiences we are able to direct operations from the back office, with most expeditions and adventures our Founders Jasper and/or Vanessa will lead from the front. With experience in hiking, mountaineering, scuba diving and yachting they continue to lead as many V&J expeditions as possible. We know why you want to climb, hike, dive and want to explore the unknown, because we also share this passion. And it is this feeling we share and appreciation of why you want to do this adventure or expedition that makes us more determined to help you to achieve your goals.

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But of course, we do not operate alone - we work closely together with ground-breaking mountaineers, operators and equipment providers that will guide you to the highest and most extreme environments around the world. During all our operations, safety is our number one priority. The environments we operate demand for it. As certified safe travel partner of Global Rescue we oversee every aspect of the expedition and preparation to ensure that it meets all our safety standards, it’s your welfare and the wellbeing of the group that creates the substructure of the itinerary and decision-making throughout the expedition.


We want to let you experience how it feels to give everything you have to reach your goals; a feeling and an experience difficult to put in words.

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In the hunt for the highest peaks in the world


Due to our operational experience in extreme environments, guiding you to the world highest mountains cannot be missed. At Voyages & Journeys we work closely together with highly skilled mountaineers that truly belong the most legendary climbers in the world, some hold world records. This allows us to design exclusive itineraries to suit every level of mountaineering skill. From a multi-day adventure summiting Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro or Everest base camp to the most notorious 8.000m summits around the globe.


Get in touch with us and let’s plan your next summit.

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