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Private Jets

Fly Private

Spread your wings over the World and experience the height of luxury flight

We want you to enjoy flying as it is meant to be, not merely as a means of travelling from A to B, but as an essential part of making your journey extraordinary. 


When you explore the world with us by chartered jet, you gain access to the most exotic and exceptional destinations out of reach for many major airlines. As a result, our private jet itineraries are full of one-of-a-kind experiences to the world’s most remote corners. Enjoy a truly personalised service onboard, avoid long queues for customs, and travel according to a schedule specifically designed to elevate your experience to unknown heights.  


Scroll through our website and our wide selection of unique adventures, which range from a spectacular African safari, or the Antarctica expedition, to exploring the hidden treasures of South America and the extraordinary biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands. When you travel by private jet with V&J, the possibilities are limitless.

Why to fly private with us?

Regardless of if you are travelling between cities, countries, or continents, doing it by private jet guarantees a superior travel experience. Provides a level of convenience, comfort, privacy and flexibility that is not available with a commercial flight.

How will your journey look like?

With the endless options to customise your next adventure or vacation, it may seem overwhelming at first. We assure that you will be guided through every step of the way, taking care of every detail, to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Types of aircrafts are available

We arrange private aircrafts that suit all preferences and group sizes, from a family of four to a friend’s reunion. To fly by private chartered aircraft is to upgrade your entire travel experience. Whether you choose to fly by light aircraft or private jet, we guarantee our signature service, taking care of you at every stage of your journey, always in style and the highest degree of privacy. We follow the highest health and safety standards, including the most up to date COVID-19 measures.  

With V&J, you can select and combine the following range of air charter options:

Private Jets, Light Aircraft.jpg

Light aircrafts

We recommend this type of aircraft for domestic travel; a chartered light aircraft is an excellent choice. Unlike private jets, these nimble, smaller planes are able to make use of runways that are shorter and more remote, as well as those within grass airfields, providing you access to a larger variety of remote destinations. Typically accommodating up to 12 passengers, a light aircraft can manage a larger group size than a helicopter, and travel further – in some cases, as far as 1.500 kilometres. This type of planes fly at a lower altitude, providing you with marvellous views. 

Private jets

A private chartered jet provides the highest level of privacy and comfort to the most remote destinations around the world. These private aircrafts typically accommodate up to 18 passengers, enough room for family and friends. Each detail of your voyage can be tailored to your requirements, from the destination and take-off time to the onboard entertainment and menu, everything to your schedule and wishes.

Private Jets, Picture (4).jpg
Private Jets, Group Charter_edited.jpg

Group charter

Whether it is flying your whole family to a sprawling villa, or private island for the ultimate reunion, or gathering friends, or to the Formula 1 weekend, group charter option is the best choice for large groups. Travel with a group of 18 or more passengers, customise everything and arrive at your destination in unmatched style.

Still looking for inspiration?

The options available online are a merely a snapshot of our unlimited possibilities and services. To discuss our full portfolio in detail, please contact us. We have a unique range of destinations, experiences and accommodations.

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