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About Us

About Us

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.

- Aristotle -

Discover this beautiful world through a new generation of adventures

At Voyages & Journeys, we deliver unforgettable adventures and experiences that fully optimise our client’s time off. We strive to elevate the way we unveil destinations around the globe to set the bar at the highest level. Any person can go online and book a vacation, but our goal is to ensure everybody knows how to really explore and make it meaningful. This was the main reason our Co-Founders launched Voyages & Journeys – to create unforgettable journeys.

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With your inspiration and our innovation and knowledge, we create unique itineraries, limited only by the boundaries of imagination. Through the years and journeys, we had the opportunity to work closely with conservationists, biologists, and naturalists – true pioneers on their own field – allowing us to explore the most undiscovered (culturally and geographical) and ecologically diverse destinations around the globe. In each itinerary we pay close attention to the smallest details with precision, in order to provide a unique perspective on biodiversity, wildlife, culture, traditions, and most importantly, the way we travel.


We wish to collect incomparable experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. We want you to develop a better understanding and appreciation around the destination you are exploring. Whatever the adventure or vacation requires, we set out to create enduring memories you can take home with you. We sincerely support and encourage travelling responsibly. We also support frontline researchers and assist local organizations to protect the wildlife and natural habitats around the globe.

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Jasper Sigon


With a passion for adventure and wildlife

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Vanessa Mestre


Ambition to set out a different perspective of the world

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