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Yachts Expeditions

Yacht Expeditions

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau -

We are never lost at the ocean

Yacht Expeditions is for those seeking something completely off-market. All the discoveries in the world’s history, and even in today’s reality, are mainly made by sea. It can be aboard a state-of-the-art explorer yacht or a marine research ship.


From joining a research vessel observing and assisting how to combat the ocean pollution, to navigate between thousands of Islands in the South Pacific, or to discover the Antarctica - each voyage requires extensive planning and begins when we first meet. We will change your perspective on what is possible onboard a yacht. 


By being operational around the globe, we were able to build a network of fantastic and state-of-the-art super yachts and research vessels, by working closely with the captains and the crews, we guaranty that your adventure will be compliant with every necessary guideline. We will become a part of your yacht’s crew, recce every location and meet with all on-site personnel to ensure that we have acquired all the necessary permits. Wherever in the world, our specialists are highly skilled at investigating the destination, working together with local experts and authorities so that we can craft unforgettable itineraries that will exceed every expectation.


We visualise a yacht as a way to raise the bar for experiential travel, and yachting will, without a doubt, deliver an exclusive experience. Almost 80% of the global yacht manoeuvring happens on less than 20% of the global ocean capacity. With the raising demand on experiential travel and being aware on the amount of new explorer yachts arriving to the worldwide market, we will be able to find the perfect match to explore destinations by land, ocean and air.  It will inspire the explorer in you.

From the time of living and working offshore, our Co-Founders, developed an ocean experience to navigate memorable oceans, with great attention to detail, safety and examining each step. In association with a very experienced and passionate crew onboard, we deliver yacht quests that will push the boundary of experiential travel.

Have your own Helicopter onboard

Being able to have your own helicopter(s) onboard will be your favourite asset. This is crucial for an adventure; it is truly your “go anywhere, anytime” adjustable to any environment. In particular for an expedition yacht, where it opens so many possibilities to explore inland and reach the most inaccessible regions.


Depending on which part of the world we are sailing, we only use the most modern aircrafts and the very best regional operators – it is even possible to transport helicopters across continents if required. Due to the specifics of our adventures, operating in the harshest environments, landing on superyacht helidecks and mountainsides, we make sure that we recruit highly experienced pilots.


Arriving by helicopter on a superyacht helideck is for many just flair, but we see it as the ultimate opportunity to: explore the untouched and the most remote regions, fly inland to discover extraordinary wilderness and wildlife, to nearby islands with remote villages for unforgettable interactions with cultures or ski down from the most exciting snow slopes around the fjords on the most exciting destinations.

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Have your own Submersible onboard

Today’s yachts are highly custom-designed and engineered individually, but they are also revolutionising the way we dive to the depths of our oceans.


Almost 80% of our oceans are still unexplored and with today’s technology we can access its deepest depths. The excellent levels of safety and comfort deliver remarkable experiences. This allows us to research and explore new destinations and craft incredible itineraries with the highest safety standards.


Search for the magnificent paradises full of marine life that lies below, a submersible can be launched and retrieved from your chosen yacht and makes sure your experience is elegant and well organised. Including a submersible in your itinerary adds a very special element to any adventure.


Very few in the world explore in a submersible. You will experience a beautiful world that is completely undiscovered and experience a habitat that not many humans have witnessed.

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