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  • The V&J Rally

    Home - Unique Adventures - Rally The V&J Rally There are those who keep out of mischief, and there are the adventurers. We racing drivers are adventurers; the more difficult something is, the greater the attraction that comes from it. - Juan Manuel Fangio - Together with a group of specialists we put together this extraordinary rally, with the goal of allowing you to discover the driver instinct inside of you, and let you experience this “different dimension” often mentioned by the great Ayrton Senna. We will explore the infamous Auto Bahn, lap the Hockenheim ring, in the latest Porsche GT3 RS, together with a former F1 driver. Drive the spectacular and challenging roads through the mountains of Switzerland, driven by many famous drivers and people, such as Sir Sean Connery in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. We will follow these magnificent roads through Lake Como downwards to Milan. To finish the week, you will experience the most famous Formula 1 Grand Prix in the world - Monte Carlo, in Monaco - with the paddock club legend ticket. In creating this inspiring rally through Europe, we challenged ourselves to maintain the high level of comfort and grandeur in each destination we drive through, from Amsterdam to Monte Carlo. Reveal these legendary automobile destinations, only possible by the kind of insider-access opportunities provided by Voyages & Journeys. This rally is not about checking items off a list - it is about discovering that driver instinct inside of you while having great fun. Join us and our hand-crafted rally team. Best Time to Go F1 Monaco Grand Prix Duration 8 Days 7 Nights Price From € 37 197 Itinerary Due to the characteristics of this Unique Adventure, the itinerary will be shared upon request. The Personal Travel Advisor may have to contact you to clarify any doubts in order to deliver a product to suit your requirements. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • Scottish Highlands

    Home - Unique Adventures - Scotland Scottish Highlands As to my followers, I wish no man to follow me who is not sound at the heart in the cause of his country; and either at the head or in the ranks of these, I will always consider it my glory to be found. - Sir William Wallace - Explore the north of the United Kingdom, The Scotland Highlands, a wild and untamed land with great history. Its scenery of lochs and heathery glens, famous battle sites and fast-flowing rivers provide a fascinating background to historic castles, whisky distilleries and ancient ruins. Enjoy the views from a 13th century castle dominating a tiny tidal island, set foot on royal grounds, discover why Queen Victoria & Prince Albert fell so in love with this area, and recreate the James Bond Skyfall scene down Glen Etive. Depart by helicopter and fly over the beautiful the west coast landscapes towards one of the most historical and beautiful castles of Scotland. This journey is packed with adventure and romance. We will take you fishing on one of most remote and spectacular trout lochans in the crater of an extinct volcano. Lunch fresh-of-the-day locally caught seafood, from langoustines, and lobster to scallops and salmon. You will go clay-pigeon shooting by the most wonderful of settings, with a glass of single malt and great company of your hosts. The heritage architecture marked by the stones of time. An abundance of delicious fresh local produce foraged from the surrounding wilderness and vast swathes of the highlands, beautiful coloured by the seasons. This journey seers itself into your memories and will let you experience the magic of the highlands with great grandeur. Best Time to Go May & October Duration 8 Days 7 Nights Price From € 9 600 pp Itinerary Day 1 (Arrival): Arrive in Edinburgh airport where you be awaited by your driver to will take you to the hotel. You are greeted by your personal concierge with a welcome drink. Day 2 (Rannoch Moor): Start your Journey to the majestic Highlands, drive through some of Scotland’s most dramatic and well-known landscapes, from crossing de desolate Rannoch Moor to the world-famous Glen Coe. At the end you will find yourself to one of Scotland’s most sought-after Castles where you will spend the night. Day 3 (Ben Nevis): Wake up at the foot of Britain’s highest mountain, it is time to jump in your range rover and strike out to discover the west coast, pass by the world famous Glenfinnan Viaduct and head out with your private guide for a full day marine safari and the isle of rum. Day 4 (Isle of Skye): Depart the Castle in style, with your Bell helicopter heading north to explore the west coast landscapes by air towards the Scotland’s best-known jewel. After an afternoon full of adventure with your dedicated naturalist, head towards your private highland lodge. Day 5 (Caledonian Pine Forest): Wake up at one of the most remote properties of Europe, take the range rover for a safari across the estate and enjoy the pre-arranged clay-pigeon range for some light competition. Learn much more about the amazing rewilding work going on at this massive area in Scotland. Day 6 (The Liquid Gold): Today we will leave the highland hideaway, head down the glen towards the east coast and ultimately Inverness, along the way we pop into a little town where you will find one of Scotland’s longest standing and traditional tailors. In the afternoon we will visit the famous Macallan Distillery and to finalize the day you will find yourself in one of the best hotels in the world. Day 7 (Royal Heritage): Waking up in this hotel is surely not to be forgotten. This is the day to experience the true Scotland that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert fell so in love with. Guided by an expert pony man you will get connected with the magnificent landscapes and scenery. Day 8 (Back Home): After a traditional Scottish breakfast, you will head south through the beautiful Glenshee, where you will join the M90 back to Edinburgh. Enjoy a final stroll on historic Scottish soil before heading back to the airport. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • Iceland

    Home - Unique Adventures - Iceland Iceland Although I deeply love oceans, deserts, and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. - Victoria Erikson - Discover the country of fire and ice on an extraordinary adventure, a country that carves through some of the most stunning volcanic scenery on the planet. The unique geologic history has created an environment that is truly one of the most impressive we have seen. Rising mountains that reach the fjords on the Troll Peninsula, Iceland is filled with geothermal vents below the earth crust which form numerous hot springs throughout the country. Being in the North of Iceland you are near the Arctic Circle which allows spectacular viewing of the Aurora Borealis in the period of October to April. In the summer months the days are long which allows more time to adventure and explore these rough terrains, hiking through the stunning Svarfaðardalur Nature Reserve, sea kayaking in search of whales, fishing for Atlantic salmon and arctic char or spend the morning heli-skiing and surfing in the afternoon. Explore a volcano which erupted 4000 years ago for his last time and descend to its magma chamber 200m, it’s still a mystery how the magma disappeared. When you think about it, the Celtic Monks were right, Iceland remains truly one of the most visually stunning countries in the world. One of the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights extensive with lava fields and smooth hills carved out by rivers and old whaling villages like Husavik, its build for the true adventurers. The remote Troll Peninsula (Tröllaskagi) is one of the most extraordinary mountain scenarios in northern Iceland, a true paradise for the outdoor enthusiasts, It is located between the fjord of Skagafjörður and the fjord of Eyjafjorður. The peninsula is mountainous with several peaks reaching over 1200 meters above sea level, some over 1400m, the tallest one is Kerling (1538 meters). It is the part of Iceland with the highest elevation outside the central highlands. We really encourage to explore the area as much as you can with a variety of unforgettable guided adventures. Best Time to Go June to October & November to March Duration To be defined Price To be defined Itinerary Due to the characteristics of this Unique Adventure, the itinerary will be crafted upon request. The Personal Travel Advisor may have to contact you to clarify any doubts in order to deliver a product to suit your requirements. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • Israel and Jordan

    Home - Unique Adventures - Israel & Jordan Israel & Jordan All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. - Thomas Edward Lawrence - Follow the footsteps made by legendary desert explorers, biblical heroes, great roman emperors and the well-known crusaders. Captivate this enchanting part of the Middle East and discover the cradle of civilization. Israel is a country held sacred by three faiths, its stepped in history dating back to the first daylight of civilisation. Absorb the country´s strong history, its magnificent landscapes and the lavish atmospheric sights from Jerusalem to the modern Tel Aviv-Yafo, the impressive mountains of the Golan Heights and the enchanting Negev Desert. Israel is a harmonises gathering of ancient traditions, cultures and religions. Jordan is home to biblical and beautiful landmarks; this ancient country is where prophets once roamed the desert. Praise the famous 6th century mosaic map of Jerusalem and the holy land of Madaba also called the city of mosaics. Discover the magnificent preserved roman ruins at Jerash. Step into the footsteps of the British officer Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence who passed the red dunes of the Wadi Rum desert after your visit to the city of Petra, often described as the seven wonders of the world. At last, treat yourself to an afternoon floating in the healing waters of the Dead sea. Israel & Jordan journey withholds many treasures to provide the ingredients for an unforgettable and unique adventure. Best Time to Go May to September Duration 14 Days 13 Nights Price From € 6 183 Itinerary Day 1 (Arrival): Arrival in Amman (Jordan) you will be transferred to your hotel and welcomed by your personal concierge with a welcome drink. In the evening there will be a table standing ready at the La Capitale restaurant. Day 2 (Jerash & Amman): You will head out together with your guide to the Golden River, observe the ancient Greek inscriptions that support that Alexander the great founded this city, admire the Greco roman ruins and walk the Cardo Maximus and the beautiful Colonnaded streets. Day 3 (The Lost City): Gather to start your journey to the lost city, visit Mount Nebo and follow in the footsteps of Moses with beautiful views of the Holy land, witness a 6th century mosaic map of the city and in the evening you’ will arrive at your hotel on walking distance of Petra. Day 4 (Petra): Discover the capital of the Nabataean Arabs, Petra, passing through the majestic Al Khazneh. In the Afternoon we will continue our journey to Wadi Rum, explore the rose-tinted landscapes and divine desert sights. In the evening experience a festive Bedouin dinner below the most beautiful star skies. Day 5 (Dead Sea): The day to explore the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum, through a 4x4 dune safari and Camel ride to take you through the majestic mountains and desert scenery. In the afternoon, you will continue your journey to the Dead sea and upon arrival settle in your accommodation. Day 6 (Dead Sea): Wake up with a beautiful scenery over the Dead sea, visit the location where is believed that the baptism of Jesus of Nazareth occurred. Use the afternoon to your leisure and take a dip into the Dead sea. Day 7 (Jerusalem): After a marvellous breakfast continue your journey to sacred gardens where Jesus went with his disciples to pray after the famous last supper. After lunch visit the largest food market in Jerusalem and later in the afternoon check-in into your hotel and enjoy the evening to your leisure. Day 8 (Bethlehem): Start the day visiting the memorial to the holocaust during WWII. Afterwards make your way to the west bank, to explore the ancient Bethlehem, experience the traditional cuisine and cultural interaction. Day 9 (Capital of Faiths): The day to explore the old city of Jerusalem, follow the path that Jesus walked during his crucifixion and experience the world of the Christians. Witness a portion of the Dead Sea scrolls and end your day with a stunning view of the city’s skyline. Day 10 (Masada): Travel to southern Israel to visit ancient fortresses, upon arrival take a cable car up to the final strong hold, visit the caves where the Dead sea scrolls were found by a Bedouin boy. Day 11 (Nazareth): Set sail to one of the world’s oldest port cities, visit the Crusader halls, markets and the old port town. Afterwards we set out to the home village of Mary and the Golan heights. In the afternoon settle in and use the rest of the afternoon to your leisure. Day 12 (Sea of Galilee): In the morning aboard a private boat to sail around the sea of Galilee, visit the mount where Jesus believed to have delivered the Sermon. Continue on the Jordan river, find archaeological remains of minimum 5 eras. Tonight, join the hotel chef for a magnificent dinner. Day 13 (Tel Aviv): After a delicious breakfast we will make our way to the Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv, a busy metropolis with a unique atmosphere, stroll along the boulevard and beach, visit an ancient port town. Day 14 (Back Home): Time to get ready and go back home. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • Alaska and Manitoba

    Home - Unique Adventures - Alaska & Manitoba Alaska & Manitoba People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure. - David Attenborough - Dreams of flying over the spectacular arctic tundra or through the mountains of Alaska to the most remote and beautiful lodges, then walking in the open air in to view polar bears or exploring glaciers, and returning to your lodge to unwind by a fireplace before dining on delicious gourmet dinner - so, this adventure is made for you. With a backdrop of Manitoba’s tundra alive with flora and fauna, this astonishing adventure combines the thrill of seeing and hearing beluga whales and the adrenaline rush of polar bear viewing. The spectacle of hundreds of bird species blanketing the summer sky provides a serene reminder that you cannot get any closer to nature than this. Manitoba’s boundless and entrancing beluga whales calve in the protection of the Hudson Bay each summer. When coupled with the polar bears and the wide range of other wildlife in the area, this adventure becomes one of the most adventure-rich experiences offered anywhere in the world. Strategically and beautifully located deep in Alaska onto an isolated Nunatak Mountain at 1830 meters, the Sheldon Chalet blends perfectly into the scenery, an oasis amongst the peaks of the Alaska range and a luxurious base from which to discover these pristine wilds in style. Your world becomes the frozen expanse of the glacier and the mountain peaks beyond. Head out onto the Ruth Glacier with a mountaineering guide and trek across the ice, be hypnotised by the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis or explore the Nunatak. unwind in the sauna before sitting down to a drink around the firepit, followed by yet more gourmet delicacies as you join fellow guests for dinner. There can be few more unique, intriguing accommodations than this architectural gem atop a glacial Nunatak. Combine this with a luxuriously welcoming interior, world-class cuisine and otherworldly landscapes of Sheldon Chalet to become a truly unique adventure. Best Time to Go September & October Duration 12 Days 11 Nights Price From € 28 800 Itinerary Day 1 (Arrival): Upon arrival at the airport in Montreal you will be awaited by your personal driver to take you to the hotel. Use the rest of the day to your leisure. Day 2 (Winnipeg): Arrive in Winnipeg where you will enjoy a relaxing stay. During a marvellous dinner hosted by your V&J representative, you will discuss the last planning details for your journey. Day 3 (Churchill): Your adventure begins with an aerial flight over the winding Hudson Bay coast on route to your home for the next days. Go through orientation tips in polar bear country prior to any trips. After a tundra-inspired lunch, you will experience the coast for the first time. Ensure your camera batteries are charged and enjoy. Day 4 to 7 (Explore Polar Bear Territory): Head out for a marine tour, follow your guide on an ATV excursion through the beautiful tundra further down the coast to look for whales, beluga whales and polar bears. The lodge area is monitored 24/7 so be prepared to have your sleep cut short for very good reasons, such as a nocturnal visit from one of the great ice bears or by one of our dazzling displays of northern lights. Day 8 (Back to Churchill): After one last hearty lodge breakfast, we will begin air transfers back to Churchill. Have your cameras ready for the return flight as it affords excellent opportunities for great aerial shots. Spend the day with your guide to explore the surrounding area, learning about its rich history as a seaport and ex-military base. Day 9 (Make your way to Alaska): After a restful sleep and marvellous breakfast, you will have a video call with your travel concierge and prepare for your air travel. You will travel to Denali National Park in Alaska. Day 10 & 11 (Denali National Park): If you are lucky, your stay features the majestically aurora borealis as the night skies bid farewell to the midnight sun. Discover the Denali National Park on unique excursions guided by our V&J specialist, hike an ice climb through the glaciers, explore snow caves and beautiful blue coloured Crevasses. Savour your aperitive on the observation deck while watching world class stargazing that is enhanced by the cosy fire and satisfying beverages custom crafted by your inhouse chef. Day 12 (Back Home): After your breakfast and your cup of coffee on the observation deck to take in the extraordinary scenery, it’s time to prepare your bags and travel back home. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • African Safari

    Home - Unique Adventures - Safari The Ultimate African Safari We need to think of the future and the planet we are going to leave to our children and their children. - Kofi Annan - If you adore wildlife, conservation and adventure then this is the African safari for you. Personally, created by our Co-Founders, this adventure comes directly from their love for wildlife and adventure “We want you to experience Africa through our eyes” from the plains of the Serengeti, summiting Kilimanjaro, to joining the Maasai Mara community in Kenya. The Grumeti reserve is located in northern Tanzania, spanning over 1400 square kilometres of untouched wilderness, forming part of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. The Grumeti reserve offers a front row seat to the great migration as well as countless other wildlife experiences all year around. With a landscape that combines grassy plains with riverine forests and thorny scrubland, the area is home to a huge variety and vast number of big game and other iconic African animals. Join your field guide and participate with the Grumeti Fund and visit a local Signita Grumeti community, in interactive excursions to explore neighbouring villages. You will have a chance to meet and interact with local communities and to better understand this special part of Africa. By participating in a community visit, you will make such a contribution to support both the community groups and the community development work of the non-profit Grumeti Fund. At 5895 meters, Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa. This volcanic massif stands in splendid isolation above the surrounding plains, with its snowy peak looming over the savannah. The mountain is encircled by mountain forest. Join our mountain climb specialists to summit the Uhuru Peak through the Machame route, a 7 days trek - normally this can be done in 6 days, but the extra day makes it so much more comfortable for acclimatization during your trek. Kilimanjaro has one of the highest success rates - 90%. The Machame route is also known as the "whiskey" route that approaches the Uhuru Peak from the south. Blessed with an astounding year-round concentration of animals, Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve provides an unsurpassed wildlife experience. Covering an area of 1510 square kilometres, the Masai Mara is a land of breathtaking views, abundant wildlife and endless landscapes. With elephants, buffalos, giraffes, lions and cheetahs alongside the migratory wildebeest and zebras, the reserve is a photographer’s and naturalist’s paradise. Leopards are frequently encountered; endangered black rhinos find shelter in dense thickets and rafts of hippos and enormous crocodiles are found in the Mara River. Best Time to Go June to October Duration 15 Days 14 Nights Price From € 18 990 Itinerary Day 1 (Arrival): Arriving in Arucha, you will board your turboprop to continue your journey to the heart of the Grumeti reserve and upon arrival at your lodge the rest of the day is to your leisure. Day 2 (The Serengeti): Explore the wilderness of the Serengeti plain with a game drive and find yourself in several opportunities to get up close to the wildlife. Join the anti-poaching team to one of their observation posts for a majestic sun set. Day 3 (The Grumeti): Join your field guide and participate in the Grumeti Fund Community Outreach program, work together with the local community to realize their development goals, assist and advice In issues of education and natural resource management. Day 4 (Preparation): Enjoy your day at leisure while viewing over the beautiful Serengeti plains, we prepared a spa journey for you to prepare yourself mentally & physical to summit the Uhuru Peak. Day 5 (Kilimanjaro): Start your climb, you will start on the slopes from the Machame village, hike through dense rubber tree and fig forests to your first camp site poised at 3048 meters. Day 6 (Shira Camp): Awake piping-hot cup of tea / coffee, as you leave camp towards the next location absorb the commanding view of the Uhuru peak. Today you will climb to 3810 meters. Day 7 (Barranco Camp): The day to climb towards the Kibo massif, continuing upward to the pass at lava tower at 4572 meters. Descend through the immense waterfall punctuated Grand Barranco Canyon. Your camp is situated at 3962 meters. Day 8 (Acclimatization Day): Hike along the Barranco Cliff with no increase in elevation. This allows you time to rest and adjust to the increasingly higher altitudes. In the afternoon, you may hike in the Karanga Valley set beneath the icefalls of the Heim, Decken and Kersten glaciers. Day 9 (Barafu Camp): Take a four to five-hour trek on another day of acclimatization as you near the mountain’s peak, stopping at Barafu Camp at 4633 meters, with views of the Mawenzi Peak to the right and looming Kibo Peak overhead. Turn in early this evening - tomorrow you make an early start for the summit. Day 10 (Summit Day): Rise up very early to a hot cup of tea/coffee before setting out on a 12/13-hour trek. In about 7 hours you will stand on the Uhuru Peak at 5895 meters, where the air is rarefied. Take in your achievement of summiting Mount Kilimanjaro and afterwards descend to your last camp site at 3109 meters. Day 11 (Back to Arusha): The final part of the descent to the base of the mountain, where your driver greets and transports you back to the lodge. Take the rest of the day to your leisure in tranquillity. Day 12 (Kenya): Start your journey to Kenya with a chartered flight and make your way to the heart of the extraordinary Masai Mara National Reserve. Upon arrival you will be transferred to your camp where you will be welcomed by a traditional dance. The rest of the day is to your leisure. Day 13 (Masai Mara National Park): Wake up in your tented suite, looking over the beautiful plains of the Masai Mara. Later on, join your safari specialist for a full day game drive, perfectly situated in some of the most remote and beautiful corners of the Serengeti. Make a stop for a picnic lunch, finish your safari with a ritual of sundowner drinks in a breathtakingly beautiful location. Day 14 (Dawn Over Masai Mara): Experience your breakfast overlooking the beauties of the Masai Mara plain on a hot air balloon flight. Visit the local Maasai community recognised worldwide, established as fierce warriors, their lively cultural dance, vibrant clothing and beautifully crafted handiwork. Finish your day with the ultimate dining adventure. Day 15 (Back Home): Enjoy your breakfast on your balcony while looking over the plain followed and then get ready for your journey back home. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • Marrakech

    Home - Unique Adventures - Marrakech Marrakech, Morocco Traveling, it offers you a hundred roads to adventure, and gives your heart wings. - Ibn Battuta - Located in the arid foothills of the Atlas Mountains you will find Marrakech a city full of life, where your journey starts, and where your adventure starts. Experience the colourful city and Moroccan traditions on a unique way. Marrakesh is a former imperial city in western Morocco, a major center to beautiful palaces and gardens, the medina is a lively place, the walled medieval city dates back to the Berber Empire, with mazelike alleys where thriving souks (marketplaces) sell traditional textiles, pottery and jewellery. About 70 kilometers away from Marrakech you will find the Toubkal National Park located deep in the High Atlas Mountain range. Established in 1942 its home to the Jbel Toubkal mountain 4167m. Trekking through these ancient villages of the Mizane Valley is an unparalleled experience. Discover the rural Berber life south of Marrakech at the famous Kik Plateau, a rocky outcropping with inspiring views of the region. Visit the indigenous settlements full of culturally significant. The Agafay stone desert is surrounded by an arid, yet majestic rocky landscape that resembles a moon crater, a landscape of many contrasts. Multitudes of tracks run between canyons, there are rolling plains juxtaposed with stony mounds. Aside from the luxury desert camps, step into your own predator buggy that will take you deep into the designated cultural capital of Africa 2020. There are very few places on Earth that compare to the incredible landscapes of the Sahara Desert. Running roughly north-south along Morocco’s eastern border with neighbouring Algeria, the Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert. In fact, the Sahara covers an area roughly the size of the entire United States. Venture into the desert and spend the night under one of the most beautiful star sky you have witnessed. Start your desert adventure, an opportunity you should not miss out. Best Time to Go May, September & October Duration 8 Days 7 Nights Price From € 6 500 Itinerary Day 1 (Arrival): Arrival in Marrakech Ménara Airport where your driver is waiting to transfer you to the hotel. Take the rest of the day to your leisure. Day 2 (Marrakech): Begin your adventure in Marrakech where you will explore the multi-coloured medina guided by specialists in two vintage motorcycles with comfortable sidecars, cherish the colourful alleys and lively atmosphere of the Marrakech. Day 3 (Haouz Plain): Today you will be picked up early in the morning, before dawn, and leave the city for an astonishing hot air balloon flight over the Haouz Plain. After landing you will step into a Predator buggy to take it deep into the Agafay stone desert. Day 4 (High Atlas Mountains): Explore the Toubkal National Park, famous for the highest mountain in North Africa the Jebel Toubkal - guided by trekking specialists, you will spend the morning trekking through the Mizane Valley and the ancient villages it holds. Day 5, 6 & 7 (The Sarah Desert): Depart to start your journey to the Sahara Desert, experience the total solitude of desert plains in an exclusive private camp. Just you, the stars, the mystery of the desert and our discrete team ensuring everything is just right for you. Whilst you are in the desert, detached from the distractions of everyday life, experience the breathtaking and exciting activities of the Sahara Desert. Day 8 (Back Home): Wake up in the vibrant Marrakech and use the morning to your leisure with a late check-out. Afterwards you will be picked up and transferred to the airport for your journey back home. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • Machu Picchu and Galapagos

    Home - Unique Adventures - Machu Picchu & Galapagos Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Few romances can ever surpass that of the granite citadel on top of the beetling precipices of Machu Picchu, the crown of Inca Land. - Hiram Bingham - Peru and the Galapagos Islands offer the most fascinating combination of an unforgettable adventure. From the beautiful nature with unique ecological life and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, to the extraordinary Inca ruins and historic colonial cathedrals of Peru. Dive with hammerhead sharks, observe amazing ocean life in the Pacific ocean, explore the islands with a biologist and naturalist in search of Galapagos turtles and the exceptional wildlife, and even get up close to native birdlife on this journey. In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, witness a spectacular equestrian show of Paso horse riders and marvel at the graceful walk of these elegant animals over a phenomenal Peruvian barbecue. This journey is meant to inspire you. Best Time to Go April to October Duration 10 Days 9 Nights Price From € 8 825 Itinerary Day 1 (Arrival): Arrive in Cusco (Peru) where you will be transferred to your hotel and greeted with a welcome cocktail. Day 2 (Cusco): Travel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. During your travels you will visit the museum where South American camelids are bred and learn about the importance of these essential animals. Understand how the local community developed their production methods. Day 3 (Sacred Valley): The day to travel around the Valley, visit imposing fortress that stopped in time and discover the ancient agricultural methods. Enjoy a traditional Peruvian barbecue while experiencing an equestrian performance of Paso horses. Day 4 (Machu Picchu): Travel through the majestically Andes mountains to the ancient city from the Incas, Machu Picchu, with the Hiram Bingham train. Day 5 (The Sun Gate): Awake with the sun and walk through Machu Picchu in the morning before the crowds arrive, hiking to the Sun Gate for numinous sceneries. Day 6 (Baltra Island): Travel to Baltra Island in the Galapagos Islands and join your Galapagos naturalist for your cruise through the magical Galapagos Islands, go in search of the giant tortoises. Day 7 (Sombrero Chino Island): Take a panga ride down to Eden Islet to observe the blue-footed boobies, reefs sharks and frigates. Dive among the beautiful reefs alongside whitetip sharks and witness the Galapagos penguins on the white sand beach fronts of the Chinese hat Islet. Day 8 (Bartolome & Santiago Island): Time for an iconic and postcard worthy Galapagos feature awaits on the Bartolome & Santiago Islands. Walk around the colossal pinnacle rock and follow a trail that goes over a lava field that flowed less than 100 years ago, while observing its wildlife. Day 9 (Genovesa Island): Begin your exploration of the Genovesa Island with a stroll to observe marine and land birds, paddle along the cliffs of this beautiful natural harbour. Along the way check out the large colonies of Nazca boobies and the elusive short eared owl. Day 10 (Back Home): Travel back to Baltra Island, to take your transfer back to the airport and start your journey back home. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • Argentina

    Home - Unique Adventures - Argentina Argentina Let the world change you and you can change the world. - Ernesto "Che" Guevara - Argentina has a big personality filled with European flair, and onboard this amazing journey we will introduce you to this special touch. From the elegance of the Porteños on the grand avenues of the capital and the sensuous moves of the tango, to the easy-going estancias in the rustic heartland. From the bohemian boutiques of the capital to the tiny market stalls of the northwest. Discover the most traditional sport in Argentina – the horse Polo. Visit the beautiful winemaking mastery of Mendoza - home to the famous Malbec wine. Savour mouth-watering cuisine and wines that makes Argentina unique. Experience how to create your own delicacies, this is the true Argentina. Continue to the “end of the world” where you will visit the oldest estancia in Tierra del Fuego and enjoy an unforgettable experiencethrough the fjords and channels. Take in the wilderness of the place and get your heart racing. In Patagonia, hike to the edges of glaciers where ice cracks and rumbles around you and follow the path to the iconic three towers form Torres del Paine. You’ll be surrendered by the famous Argentinian spell. Best Time to Go October to November Duration 13 Days 12 Nights Price From € 7 680 Itinerary Day 1 (Arrival): Arrive in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and be transferred to your hotel to be greeted by your personal concierge with a welcome drink. In the evening there will be a table standing ready at the Elena restaurant. Enjoy the Argentinean capital that is filled with European flair. Day 2 (Buenos Aires): Explore the vibrant Buenos Aires with our local specialists, be introduced to the most traditional sport in Argentina - Horse Polo - guided by a professional polo player. Taste the traditional dishes at Don Julio, stroll through the Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo and Caminito street. Day 3 (Mendoza): The day to travel to Mendoza. Upon arrival you will be transferred to your accommodation where you will find yourself in the heart of one of the most famous vineyards in South America. Day 4 (Vineyards): Spend the day visiting magnificent vineyards hand-picked by our Co-Founders and guided by a wine specialist, to discover the craftmanship behind the famous Malbec wine. Finalize your day with a traditional Argentinean Asado dinner overlooking the vineyard. Day 5 & 6 (Tierra del Fuego): Make your way to the oldest farming area in Tierra del Fuego, embark on a private cruise to visit the isles on the beagle channel, walk among Magellanic peguins and taste the famous king crab. Visit the oldest estancia in Argentina. Day 7 (Patagonia): Explore the rural life of Patagonia, experience over 100 years of history, witness traditional sheep herding, enjoy a horseback ride or walk along the beautiful banks of the Argentino Lake. Day 8 (Los Glaciares National Park): Today, aboard an astonishing cruise through the Argentino Lake, go onshore in the Los Glaciares National Park to enjoy lunch among the beautiful landscape sceneries. Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier - one of few remaining advancing glaciers in the world. Day 9 to 11 (Torres del Paine): Discover the last wilderness, Torres del Paine, explore a legendary route to the iconic mountain towers. Find yourselves in the middle of wildlife such as the puma and many more beautiful wildernesses through Tierra’s backyard. Day 12 (Back to Buenos Aires): Travel back to Buenos Aires and spend your last enjoying the capital of Argentina. Day 13 (Back Home): Wake up and relax with privileged late access to your room, before you get transferred to the airport for your flight back home. Notes: (1) Price per person based on double occupancy (2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor Let's start your Adventure

  • De V&J Rally

    Unieke Avonturen Jacht Expedities Ontdek De Numinous Wie Zijn Wij EN PT NL Home - Unieke Avonturen - Rally De V&J Rally There are those who keep out of mischief, and there are the adventurers. We racing drivers are adventurers; the more difficult something is, the greater the attraction that comes from it. - Juan Manuel Fangio - Samen met een groep specialisten hebben wij deze ongeëvenaarde rit samen gesteld met als doel om de deelnemers hun coureur instinct te laten ontdekken, die andere dimensie te laten ervaren, die veel beschreven werd door de legendarische F1 coureur Ayrton Senna. Ontdek de beruchte auto bahn, behaal de snelste ronde tijd op de Hockenheim Ring in de laatst uitgebrachte Porsche GT3 RS en neem plaats naast een oud F1 en Indy car coureur. Rijd door de meest uitdagende en beroemde wegen in het berg gebied van Zwitserland, die door vele beroemdheden is bereden, zoals Sir Sean Connery als James Bond in Goldfinger. We volgen deze grandioze wegen naar het magistrale Como meer en dan naar beneden naar het historische stads centrum Milaan. Na de auto’s te hebben achter gelaten in Nice vervolg je de reis per privé helikopter naar Monte-Carlo, Monaco waar je de meest bekende F1 Grand Prix weekend zal bijwonen als VIP. In het creëren van deze geïnspireerde rit door Europa, hebben wij onszelf uitgedaagd om tijdens de rit het hoogste kwaliteit van comfort en pracht te behouden in elke destinatie waar we doorheen rijden, van Amsterdam tot aan Monte-Carlo. In deze rit zal je ontdekken waarom precies deze plaatsen legendarische auto mobile destinaties zijn, die alleen mogelijk zijn door de voorkennis van Voyages & Journeys. Deze rit is niet samen gesteld om een lijstje af te strepen – het is gemaakt om jouw coureur instinct van binnen te ontdekken en tegelijkertijd enorm veel lol te hebben, een herinnering voor het leven. Ideale periode F1 Monaco Grand Prix Tijdsduur 8 Dagen 7 Nachten Prijs Vanaf € 37 197 Reisplanning Ten gevolge van de karakteristieke informatie van dit unieke avontuur, zal de brochure en reisplan gedeeld worden na de eerste interacties met u persoonlijke reis conciërge. Notities: (1) Prijs per persoon gebaseerd op dubbele bezetting, indien van toepassing (2) Getailleerde reisplanning zal gedeeld worden na de eerste interacties met uw persoonlijke reis conciërge Start jouw Avontuur

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