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On the Horizon


If you share our enduring passion to adventure and explore the most astonishing parts of our beautiful planet then you are in the right place.

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Throughout these difficult Covid-19 times, we must make a pause on our journeys around the world. However, our heart never stops racing for the next adventure and together, we can start designing your next voyage. Get in touch with us and let’s come together through a video call and use the little extra time available and put it to a good use – travelling! Let´s keep the mind active, look forward and craft unique adventures to astonishing destinations.

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We continue to create exciting new travel itineraries for who is looking to travel later this year or beyond. The designing strategy of Voyages & Journeys allow us to bring your travel dreams to reality, providing highly personalised services. Below we describe the steps of our planning strategy:

  • In the beginning of each Voyages & Journeys adventure, vacation, we begin with a primary inspiration meeting, video call or phone call, where we get to know each other, your family or your travel companions. These are critical details to us. Now that we can no longer meet each other we will contact you through Video Call

  • Voyages & Journeys has unique journeys with a rich and marvellous portfolio, our travel professionals have amazing ideas, inspiration and together, you will design and plan each detail into perfection to create your dream vacation / journey. With video calling, a riches of life-changing footage we will help you visualise your journey.

  • We can design a stream of travel itineraries for multiple voyages / just that one astonishing adventure. We are in close contact with multiple global travel associations to see when we can start off our journeys. The moment we see that the travel restrictions are being lifted as countries begin to re-open borders and those areas are opening doors to tourism once again.

Accompaniment to our professional organization, we will define astonishing, unique experiences that will establish that your journey will be one-of-a-kind and will have the purpose that you are looking for. It’s this enduring passion what makes each voyage absolutely unique for the modern voyager.

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