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Our Roots, Portugal


Discover the Élan of Portugal

“Portugal has been my home now for almost 10 years, and it’s still very difficult to find the right words to describe Portugal; it’s a destination were authenticity, heritage and culture really thrive.” – in Jasper Sigon’s own words. When travelling to Portugal you think straight away about the charms of Lisbon, the history of Porto or the golden coastline of the Algarve. After travelling and guiding extensively through Portugal and its islands, we have built an unparalleled insider-access to the most extraordinary locations and experiences that truly creates life lasting stories and memories.

Portugal holds such a pure and extraordinary biodiversity, from the Douro Valley and National Parks, to the volcanic archipelago of Azores and Madeira. In addition to the vast options that Portugal has to offer, we are also fortunate to have a little bit of Portugal spread across different parts of the world, where the Portuguese language is still spoken. Countries such as São Tomé and Principe or East Timor are truly unique destinations that offer exceptional experiences, indelible memories and stories that life for years to come. Each region has a special character, cuisine and traditions that sometimes date back more than 500 years.

For every type of traveller, Portugal has an unbelievable array of options of unforgettable experiences, breathtaking accommodations – some attached to world renowned golf courses – and culinary experiences that belong to the top of the world. We have put together some of our own experiences for your next great Portuguese journey.

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Get out with the Family

Whether you are looking for tranquillity and remoteness in Alentejo, or a magnificent beach front in the Algarve where you can really retreat and recharge, or even a magical place in the mountainside near Serra de Estrela where you are completely surrounded by nature; we can say that Portugal has all the ingredients to provide you with a memorable family vacation.


Portugal truly holds a magnificent array of adventurous experiences. Climb (in the early hours of the day) the highest peak in Portugal (Pico) and witness one of the most beautiful sunrises, or turn on your torch and explore the underground lava tunnels that are mostly unexplored. Follow the Paiva walkways and cross the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world, or paraglide over the natural beauty of Sao Miguel and canyon the wild coastlines, or explore the underwater world that belongs to one of the most extraordinary dive locations in the world.

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Did you know that Portugal holds 28-starred restaurants? Some of them noted in the top 50 best restaurants in the world, not even mentioning those tiny restaurants lead by new and upcoming chefs that leave you just flabbergasted. This same description also applies to the vineyards, Portugal has been somehow unknown when it comes t their grapes and terroirs. Did you know that one of our Co-Founders, Vanessa, used to work at one the most renown vineyards in Portugal? She was involved with the mixing of the grapes and the aging process. We guarantee that if you want to really experience and learn about the culture of Portugal it will involve exceptional culinary experiences and Portugal will not disappoint you.


When it comes to golf, Portugal belongs to the most bespoke golf destinations in the world. With more than 70 golf courses, pleasant climate, vibrant coastal villages and the high quality golf courses, it is not hard to understand why Portugal belongs to one of the best golf destinations worldwide. Take that long iron on the fairway wood and fire it along courses that thread the shady valleys and drape over the rugged slopes that triumph of modern design in stunningly rich landscapes. Enjoy the wondrous use of the terrain with holed framed by olive, cork oaks, eucalyptus and open views to the mountains and swirling oceans.

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Still looking for inspiration?

Some of the experiences that we have mentioned are just a merely snapshot of our unlimited possibilities and services in Portugal. To discuss our full portfolio in detail, please contact us. We have an incomparable reach, experiences and accommodations in this beautiful destination that we call home.

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