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Year: 1958
Refit: 2017



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Kinfish was built for the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society and served as a sea rescuer between 1958 and 1985. After various refits and upgrades, with recent work being done in 2017, she became a small, exclusive expedition vessel, ready to sail the exciting icy waters of the Arctic. Over the last years, Kinfish has completed amazing wildlife discovery expeditions around the Svalbard Islands, the closest piece of land to the North Pole.

There are six guest cabins on board, including five twin cabins and one quad cabin, all with ensuite bathrooms that create an informal atmosphere as well as offering 360-degree views from all deck levels, perfect for observing and photographing wildlife and scenery from varying perspectives. The "arctic" atmosphere inside takes us back to the nostalgia of ancient polar expeditions creating a once in a lifetime experience. Her small size and manoeuvrability make Kinfish perfect to access small fjords, and to get up close with polar wildlife, which can be frequently observed on drift ice floes, icebergs, and glaciers. Kinfish design provides a room primarily used for presentations or briefings, perfect to add a research element to your charter, with this space you can learn more about the environment you are sailing through. Her state-of-the-art bridge equipment also allows passengers to view 3D images of the seabed below.

Her superior stabilization system makes for comfortable cruising, while her minimal-vibration engine allows photography lovers to put their tripods to good use. Kinfish deck space is laid out at multiple levels, which allows travellers to fully enjoy the scenery and wildlife from every corner of the ship.

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Kinfish is equipped with specialist zodiacs that you will use to make incursions among the imposing ice floes and have closer contact with the polar fauna.

Tenders & Toys

Please note that tenders and toys are subject to regular upgrades and changes.

We will update you on the latest information.

2x Zodiac Tender

2x Watski Foldable Bicycles

4x SUP Boards

Ocean Fishing Gear


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