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Year: 1974
Refit: 2021



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For an unforgettable adventure, you will need an exceptional yacht, and the Legend ticks every box. Equipped for whatever we can through at her bow, she can support everything from submersibles to heli-operations and dive expeditions, with the Legend on your side you are ensured that big adventure can be found anywhere, whether you are in the icy waters of Antarctica or the sun-dappled bays of the Mediterranean.

Previously named Giant I, she was built by the Soviet Union in 1974 by the Dutch yard IHC Verschure to serve as a class 1 icebreaker tug during the cold war. She was redelivered in 2016 as an ultra-luxe explorer yacht after a 12-month refit at Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts. The Legend is built to endure almost every conceivable climate, whilst providing the utmost comfort to guests. The spacious interior accommodates not only 11 city-themed suites, but as well as Balinese spa, gym, whiskey bar and a beautiful piano lounge, you are really ensured there will be no shortage of entertainment while sailing of the beaten track. The moment you step outside, the deck areas are enormous with plentiful seating and lounging areas, while at the same each corner is perfect for observation, there is outdoor heating, a bar, barbecue and a 16-person infinity-view jacuzzi with his own waterfall.

Being known for having the ultimate toybox onboard, nowhere is out of reach with Legend’s wide selection of tenders and toys. Explore the depths of the unknown with their customized UBoat Works submarine, lift off from a fully commercial helideck with 2 helicopters onboard to reach locations that most won’t reach, or take her Targa 37 chase boat to explore the smaller inlets. The Legend is built with expeditions in mind and will satisfy all your explorations needs.

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Heli operations

Legend’s fully commercial helideck can support a range of Heli-operations, from airborne arrivals and departures to heli-skiing and remote exploration.

Tenders & Toys

Please note that tenders and toys are subject to regular upgrades and changes.

We will update you on the latest information.

1x Submarine

3x Jet Skis

2x Water Skis

10x Snorkelling Sets

1x Fishing Equipment

2x Helicopters

10x Diving Equipment

2x Wakeboards

6x SUP Boards

4x Sea Bobs

7x Tenders

8x Kayaks

5x Inflatable Toys

10x Snorkelling Sets


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