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Pink Shadow

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With her big sister, La Datcha, already exploring our waters since 2020 and have circumnavigated the globe from the tropical heat of the Indian Ocean to the frozen wonderland of Antarctica, it is with great excitement that we saw the latest realease of the Damen SeaXplorer 58 on the charter market - Pink Shadow. Imagining planning a double charter with both SeaXplorers side by side. Just like La Datcha, Pink Shadow is a charter like no other, where every inch is made for life-affirming adventure. The magical blend of explorer spirit, bold design and top-class service will leave a lasting impression as soon as you step onboard. Pink Shadow’s iconic profile and distinctive hull colour set the tone for what is to come once on board.

Pink Shadow has an impressive IMO Polar Code compliant and ice class hull and 30 days' ocean-going autonomy; is the perfect platform to explore and sail to the most remote and extreme environments around the world, like Antarctica that is often unreachable for other vessels. The features that made us even more excited are the number of conscious design choices the owner made, including a premium synthetic teak deck and wastewater tanks to grant the yacht access to zero discharge zones of outstanding natural beauty.

Wherever you look onboard you will find intriguing details and captivating design. Combining rich colours with interesting textures and incorporating eye-catching artwork, Pink Shadow is imbued with unique personality throughout. The décor was inspired by an epic adventure film set in the Amazon basin; to move through the yacht is to go on a journey in itself. Several areas, each one even more exciting than the next, allow relaxation, entertainment and maximum exposure to the chosen destination. Pink Shadow redefines the idea of indoor/outdoor flow - with her main deck Tahiti Plage beach club opening up on each side to create a panoramic, immersive space.

The aft is truly a one-of-a-kind, and you will be welcomed by the fresh sea breeze and shaded vistas, her aft is a beautiful and inspiring space to really experience the natural world from the comfort of your couch or bar, the experience is not just about amazing views, it is also about enjoying the ultimate adventure on land and at sea. Her arsenal of toys is impressive - including two large multi-role tenders, seabobs, fliteboards, wakeboards, waterskis, and a complete series of towables. But what makes her toy chest really unique are the customized Ineos grenadier and BMW R12 nine T motorcycles, with which we can design and provide you with adrenaline-fueled adventures for you to discover and explore the destination on a unique way.

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The Fitzcarraldo Deck

The cigar lounge is the ultimate area for any kind of celebration, and complete with an impressive humidor, is a special spot that is reminiscent of golden-age glamour.

Tenders & Toys

Please note that tenders and toys are subject to regular upgrades and changes.

We will update you on the latest information.

2x Multi-role tenders

2x BMW R12 nine T motorcycles

1x Ineos Grenadier, extreme 4x4 vehicle

1x E-foil

3x Kayaks

2x Jet Skis

4x Wakeboards Inflatable Toys

4x Seabobs

2x Water Skis


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