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How do we Operate

The adventures and journeys that we design at Voyages & Journeys are innovative and ambitious. Every itinerary is tailored completely to you, your family, or your group requirements.


1. Initial contact

At Voyages & Journeys, we find very important to first get to know each other, through a meeting in person or (video) call. This first contact allows us to properly build the foundation for a trustworthy relationship. Furthermore, we can also really understand your ideas, inspiration and what you are hoping to achieve from your experience.


2. Deposit

We take great satisfaction in providing you with our services and guarantee that every tiny detail of your journey is conscientious planned. We will request for a deposit of €350 before we start designing your adventure. This secures the time we need to provide you with a proposal that will show you the details in perfection.


If at this moment you are thinking “Why should I pay €350 in advanced?”, the answer is very simple and transparent: Everything we provide does not come from a blue screen as you might be used to from your day-to-day travel advisor. At V&J we draft every detail from scratch, requiring a fair amount of time and resources to draft up your first proposal.


3. Research & development

With the information that we have collected during our first interaction, we will head to the drawing board and start with extensive research, as your trip starts to develop. We work with our network of global partners that are pioneers in their profession and we will work together to design the most exceptional experiences for you.


4. First presentation

We will schedule a meeting or video call to present you options, each with different levels of luxury, action, adventure, and exclusivity. Once you have had the time to evaluate our proposals, we will schedule another meeting to discuss in greater detail and define the final result.


5. Budget transparency

On the first presentation we will provide a thorough estimate of costs. With this overview you can oversee every detail of your journey, worked hours from your travel specialist, accommodations, transportation, etc.


6. Eventuality Fund

From experience, we have learnt that things can change unexpectedly. Reason why we propose to hold a contingency fund for your trip based on the total amount of the journey (refunded at the end of your journey if unused). This allows us (company and client), to accommodate the necessary arrangements on your journey without disturbing you for further payments. Example: with the Covid-19 spreading rate around the globe, some clients needed last minute changes to be able to get to their countries without any problems, and this fund prevented stress related situations.


7. Time needed to plan your journeys

Each journey and adventure are different, some people like to plan well in advance and others live for the spontaneous moments or are constrained by work. An itinerary can be planned in 36 hours or can take up to 12 months - it all depends on the type of adventure. Due to the uniqueness of our experiences around the globe, we encounter situations that we need to acquire all the necessary permits which can take up to 12 months. When an itinerary is requested last minute, we will use our experience and global network to see what is possible. Nonetheless, we will never compromise our high standards. Your dedicated travel specialist will advise you through this once we confirmed your essentials. Please be aware that we operate on an hourly rate of €67,50.


8. It is all on the details

For each itinerary, we carry out intense risk assessments and due diligence to ensure that every tiny detail is taken into consideration. If needed, we even conduct a reconnaissance of your journey to create exceptional experiences on the spot! When you are satisfied, we will then confirm everything.


9. Payment process

The payment terms will vary from journey to journey. We will discuss the payment methods and terms with you during our initial contact (step 1). Normally, we will request the deposit of €350, and after the approval of the itinerary we will request a first payment of 50%. 90 days before departure we will request the final 50% of the total amount. When we are requested to plan and deliver an itinerary last minute (for example 7 days ahead of departure) we will require the deposit of €350 right away and full payment of a 100% within 48 hours after delivering the final proposal.


Please be aware that we do not accept credit card payments. Also, we will not agree on payments being made directly to third parties by the client itself. We do accept physical payment by credit card of any type and bank transfer.


10. Preparations

When the final itinerary is approved, we closely monitor every feature of your journey including the situation of the destination. You will receive our V&J box, that includes all your travel necessities + extras. You will also receive a digital detailed itinerary that includes profiles of your host, guides and our advice on vaccinations, documentation, packing lists and important contacts.


With our extreme adventures itineraries, we will advise and guide you through all the gear purchase, preparations and necessary training You will be more than ready!


11. During your travels

Throughout your journey, whether our specialist is with you or not, we ensure 24/7 support to make sure you can enjoy a worry-free vacation.

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