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The natural world is capable of amazing displays - with many
best viewed from on board.

- Olivia Michel -

Countryside Road

It is with great joy that we see Olivia Michel featuring Voyages & Journeys in BOAT International. For her article about the greatest shows on Earth, Jasper talked to Olivia about how we combine the rare natural phenomena with yacht expeditions.

Countryside Road
Countryside Road

Article excerpt:

The aurora australis is another reason why the southern skies spark interest. Just like the Northern Lights, this phenomenon occurs when electrically charged solar particles collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the earth’s atmosphere. “The Southern Lights are not that well known,” says Jasper Sigon, co-founder of Voyages & Journeys. He notes that while the colours produced can be even more vibrant, they are “much more elusive than their northern hemisphere counterpart”. The best places to witness them, he says, are around Hobart and Bruny Island in Tasmania between May and August or during the September equinox (when the northern and southern hemispheres experience roughly the same amount of daytime) – and even as far as the Antarctic continent at 70 degrees south where there is significantly less land mass. “This is why we love to carry out this experience by yacht,” explains Sigon, adding that his choice of charter yacht for clients is 39-metre The Beast, which he describes as “the ultimate yacht to chase the lights.”

Countryside Road

Voyages & Journeys is planning a trip around the upcoming total lunar eclipse (or blood moon) on 14 March 2025, suggesting the 77-metre explorer yacht La Datcha as the perfect vessel to travel to the eclipse’s prime viewing point: the Gulf of Alaska.

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