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Alexander Archipelago

Alexander Archipelago

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

- John Muir -

This very unknown 480 km long archipelago in North America, lies off the south-eastern coast of Alaska. It contains more than 1.000 islands, the tops of submerged coastal mountains that rise steeply from the Pacific Ocean. Deep channels and fjords separate the islands and cut them off from the mainland. This entire archipelago is covered with breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary wildlife. When sailing these waterways, be daunted by the surroundings. Go into the woods in search for the brown bears, and spot humpback whales and orcas splash against a backdrop of glaciers and icebergs. Sail along the famed Inside Passage and find yourself in the middle of the rugged evergreen covered islands of the Alexander Archipelago. Through narrow fjords, wonder at massive glaciers. This voyage will provide an intimate look at the real Alaska.

Discover the native Alaskan culture in Ketchikan, known for its many native American totem poles but also home to the Misty Fiords, a glacier-carved wilderness with snow-capped mountains, and beautiful waterfalls. Step into a floatplane and set off to experience the rich wildlife of Revillagigedo Island, including black bears, wolves and bald eagles. After a day of adventure return to your vessel where a festive dinner awaits. On a different occasion go for a round of golf on Alaska’s only golf course at Wrangell. It’s a nine-hole course, but you can play 18 holes by doing a second round.

Wake up in a natural showcase of Alaska’s wildlife, through the Chatham Strait and arrive at Baranof Island, here it is likely to see bears, bald eagles, humpback whales, moose, sealions and many more. Head out to explore Sitka national historical park - this park contains the ruins of an Indian fortress in which the Tlingit Indians made their last stand against Russian settlers in 1804. One of Alaska's largest and oldest preserves is glacier bay national park. Truly created by nature for fascinating viewing, step aboard the yacht’s onboard helicopter and set out for a picnic on a big iceberg where you will have a stunning view of the whole glacier while enjoying your glass of wine admire the rivers of melted glacier ice running beneath the surface. Go for anchor in the afternoon and warm up with a bonfire on the secluded beach while diner is prepared.

Navigate through a spectacular Tracy Arm Fjord, a narrow fjord carved out by glaciers that twist and turn for over 30 miles. Spectacular waterfalls cascading down granite walls towering 1000 meters above sea level. The sawyer glaciers at the end of Tracy Arm are the most dramatic in Alaska. Wildlife in this world of blue ice includes black and brown bears, wolves, deer and moose. In the fjords, look for seals and whales. Bald eagles soar overhead. Nearing almost the final part of the voyage, head out to the massive Mendenhall Glacier, in Tongass National Forest. Set out and hike the surrounding trails to get up close or discover the massive network of cerulean ice caves what makes Mendenhall Glacier so unique and special. The dancing ombre of blues throughout the ice from aqua to sapphire to cobalt will captivate you with her magical glow. As final destination, enter the harbour from Juneau.

This voyage is explicitly designed to carry out by yacht, such as La Datcha or Yersin. It is also possible to combine this itinerary with our other Alaska adventure.

Best Time to Go:
April to May & September to October
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