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Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed.

- Marco Polo -

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands sit within the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal, covered by dense green jungle. This astonishing archipelago consists of 572 islands and islets, though only 37 islands are open to visitors. Here, you can really get off the tourist trail and experience a unique culture where both tribal and conservationist values are a controlling influence. 

In the 13th-century Marco Polo sailed close by their shores, he never landed or saw any inhabitants, he claimed the Andamanese as “a most brutish race” that they were canine headed cannibals. In 2018 John Allen Chau, an American missionary, was killed by the arrows of the Sentinelese, a tribe that chooses to remain isolated.

The Islands offer the perfect escape for those who are adventurers at heart. Unearth the natural wonders by following a forest trail with a naturalist who will introduce you to the exotic flora and fauna thriving in Andaman’s enchanted forest. The islands themselves are full of volcanic mountains, dense jungles and teeming mangrove swamps where you can find all manner of creature. Discover a huge array of endemic birds and tropical butterflies, as well as feral elephant that roam the beaches and are able to move between some of the islands, using their trunks as snorkels. And perhaps even a salt-water crocodile.

Scuba-diving among these spectacular coral reefs will reveal an ongoing series of marvels. A huge number of marine creatures find their home here, from the majestic rays and reef sharks to the intriguing coral-dwelling fish. Join a team of conservationists and experience an unforgettable nocturnal spectacle as hawksbill, green and leatherback turtle climb out of the sea to nest.

Let our specialists guide you by kayak into a unique aquatic ecosystem of tangled roots half submerged in the water. The most fascinating aspect of night kayaking is the phenomenon of bioluminescence. As you plunge your paddle into the water or run your hand through it, hundreds of tiny, glowing, star-like phytoplankton - aquatic organisms that provide food for whales – light up the calm, dark water. With our expert guides leading you into the narrow channels and hidden nooks in the mangroves, this delightful experience tops any itinerary on the island.

Best Time to Go:
December to April
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