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Let the world change you and you can change the world.

- Ernesto "Che" Guevara -

The last land inhabited by man. The largest country in South America and certainly one of the most prosperous regions in South America. Argentina has a strong cultural identity and personality, and Argentines are extremely proud of this. Onboard this amazing journey we will introduce you to this special touch, by our local specialist, she couldn’t represent the country better. Buenos Aires is perhaps the most elegant capital of South America and can easily get under your skin. From the most intense and emotional tango in the world to some of the best cuisine and nightlife, 'ba' as it is fondly known, Argentina is a place of style and pure energy. However, despite having such a sophisticated feel at its hub, Argentina also has huge swathes of rugged, remote landscape and coastline that are as intoxicating as the most romantic images suggest. One of the biggest traditions in Argentina is the beautiful sport, Polo, with V&J you will have exclusive access to one of the most beautiful and famous Estancias in Argentina, where you will have the chance to learn everything about the sport of polo from some of the true masters of the discipline in combination with a delicious BBQ and a good wine. They will show you the place and introduce you to the world of Polo, visiting the stables, meeting the players, talking about the Polo in Argentina and in the World, the history, the rules of the game, strategy, the horses that are being used, its selection, raising and training, and much more about this traditional sport that have Argentina that the number one in the world. You will experience theoretical and practical Polo Lessons. You will ride and learn how to play Polo with Professionals Polo Players.

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the place where borders melt away, cultures intertwine, and souls connect in a celebration of diversity. In northeast, Iguazu Falls and its fiercely cascading waters will take your breath away and have to be seen to be believed. The Iguassu Falls are at the frontier of the iconic tri-border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Explore the sprawling, sculpted grounds. Spot a kaleidoscopic array of tropical flowers as howler monkeys call in the distance while white water rafting. Continue your journey to Mendoza in the west of Argentina and her infamous wine capital and an elegant colonial city which boasts stunning, panoramic views across the Andes mountains. Lead by our specialist and local sommelier, you will embark on an exhilarating journey to discover and learn about the secrets of the world-renowned Malbec grapes. Savour mouth-watering cuisine of celebrity chef, Francis Mallmann, and sample his famous delicacies cooked over an open fire combined with wines that makes Argentina unique. At sunrise, begin your journey to the highest peak in the southern hemisphere, Aconcagua, it rises over Mendoza’s City. Thousands of people defy this stone giant every year, in an attempt to put Man in the top of the world. A day to be in touch with mendocinian nature, visiting dams and bridges, and hiking in Aconcagua´s National Park.

Embody the spirit of Patagonia. Built on the land where the first creole and European immigrants of the area initially set foot, one can't help but sense the aura of adventure that the thousands of travellers who journeyed through this area have left behind. Not only leave your mark but also depart with a sense of having been deeply transformed by the experience. It is a place of wonder. One thing is to know the measurements of the Perito Moreno Glacier and quite another is to stand on top of its grandness and listen to the creaking of the ice as it moves and the crashing sound when parts of it fall into the lake. All of the surroundings also offer unequalled beauty: the hills and mountains, the lakes and rivers, the aridness of the land contrasting with the sculptures of ice, the silence. It is all a dramatic and breathtakingly work of nature. A place you will undoubtedly want to return to. Spent your time learning about the region on the best way possible, alongside a team of expert naturalists, enhance your climbing skills, you will hike, mountain bike, kayak and raft through the epic landscapes. Spend a couple of days in this isolated haven, striking out each day for hikes over new ground, or just relaxing by the river.

Best Time to Go:
October to November
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