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We don’t own the planet Earth, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife.

- Steve Irwin -

There’s truly nothing alike Down Under, a continent that holds an abundance of native wildlife, natural beauty, adventure, and leisure. Discover these breathtaking landscapes through exceptional experiences and stay overnight at lodges that are located on the most remote locations.

Australia is such a welcoming and accessible place. It is also a vast land with enormous diversity of inspiring destinations. Step into a seaplane and discover coastal gems hidden among the national parks, head to Hamilton Island where you will be surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, explore the famous cod hole and coral gardens on Lizard Island or head to the western coral coast where you will witness nature of her finest as you snorkel into cavernous formations accompanied by Green Turtles and Mantra Rays. The marine life among these waters is renowned around the world.

Head inland and explore the Bamurru Plains on the Mary River floodplains by exhilarating airboat, these plains are Australia's answer to a safari on the Okavango Delta. These coastal floodplains, savannah woodlands and mangrove riverine are home to prolific birds and wildlife, with almost a third of Australia’s species present. Head a bit more inland and venture to this remote and vast outback wilderness with rugged sandstone ranges, gorges, and waterfalls. Drive through the vast Red Centre, a true sense of stillness and beauty when you float over the rust-red dunes. Explore the living and cultural landscapes of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. All the way down you will find yourself surround by hundreds of acres of grapevines overlooking South Australia's world-renowned Barossa Valley region, this region is long regarded as one of the culinary destinations for the world's restless travellers.

Australia mesmerizing coastlines and islands are the perfect setting for our unique and unforgettable yacht expeditions. If you are looking for a fresh adventure, the Kimberley is a captivating experience which simply cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Or head to the Whitsundays a collection of 74 dreamy islands which make up one of the most inspiring superyacht destinations in the world. Each untouched tropical island is surrounded by pristine turquoise waters, with perfect anchorages and a richly diverse sea life inhabiting the exquisite coral reefs. The established green zones around the Great Barrier, Ribbon and Ningaloo Reefs are the ultimate playground with the most diverse and captivating diving and snorkelling grounds in the world. Providing a kaleidoscopic diving experience with a plethora of colourful corals and a flourishing marine ecosystem which will expose you to everything from whitetip reef sharks and barracudas to dwarf minke whales.

You don’t have to worry about the long journey, we have you covered! Australia is truly a destination that should be in your bucket list. It is a destination that will stay with you forever.

Best Time to Go:
September to November & March to May
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