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There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, there is a rapture on the lonely shore, there is society, where none intrudes.

- Lord Byron -

Venture to the peninsula of Placencia and unearth this immeasurable South American jungle and the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. Belize is a country rich in adventure and culture. A land of beautiful forests and exquisite cave systems, an exciting destination for enthusiasts that are in search for pristine natural environments, exceptional wildlife, scuba diving and photography. Immerse yourself deep in the Belizean natural world.

The Cayo region has been designated as wildlife sanctuary. Step into your kayak and explore the physically diverse flora and fauna and delve into the cool waters beneath cascading waterfalls. You will be surrounded by the extraordinary birdlife here and with over 500 species listed in Belize, you may spot Keel-billed toucan (the national bird), as well as the emerald toucanet, vermillion flycatcher and blue-grey tanager and many more. The extensive Caracol is worthy of a visit, sprawling approximately 10 kilometres in radius in AD 650. The most imposing of the sights here is the massive pyramid that soars over 50 metres into the air through the canopy of the dense jungle.

Take off by helicopter and make your way to an exceptional lodge hidden deep within the jungles of Belize, fly over breathtaking sites like waterfalls, huge caves and amazing archaeological sites. Trek into the jungle with an expert tracker. The nature reserves are enclosed by vast terrains of lagoons, wetlands, and tropical rainforest as well as dry forests. Unveil the wonders and ways of the forest and search for footprints to follow all five cat species, jaguar, puma, ocelot, jaguarundi and margay as well as the endangered Baird’s Tapir and a huge variety of other flora and fauna. More inland you will find the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, an incredible area of wetlands and savannahs home to over 300 species of migratory, resident, terrestrial and aquatic birds together with crocodiles, howler monkeys, iguanas and many more wildlife. Step in your airboat and explore these wetlands guided by a naturalist you are bound for amazing wildlife sightings. Joined and guided by an archaeologist, explore, and learn about the ancient Altun Ha, an ancient Mayan city dating from the 7th Century, together with the Lamanai, or also called the “submerged crocodile”, it is one of Belize’s most impressive Mayan sites and truly worthy to visit.

The diving sites belong to the seven underwater wonders of the World. And you would not travel with V&J if you were not looking for something out of this world! Step in a helicopter and let’s make our way to the Great Blue Hole. A thrilling experience for experienced divers. The aerial view is striking, a dark circle of water about 300 metres in diameter and 160 metres depth. Jump out of the helicopter into the blue hole, where your dive instructor and crew will be waiting for you. Once submerged you will be handed sea scooters to venture into the dark, clear depths alongside giant groupers and nurse sharks, as well as several types of reef shark.

When at surface again, step into your tender and make your way to the Turneffe Islands Atoll, where the diving is exceptional. Southeast of here is Half Moon Caye National Monument, the country’s first national park and arguably Belize’s number one dive site. Home to some wonderful wildlife, from reptiles and turtles to thousands of red-footed boobies and frigate birds, known for their presence on the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

Best Time to Go:
January & May
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