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Perhaps no country in Latin America is more picturesque than Bolivia.

- Nicholas Kristof -

Explore this land of divergence. Bolivia remains a mystery to many, home to relatively unexplored landscapes, the world’s highest navigable lake, the mummies in Tunupa volcano and of course the glass-smooth Lake Titicaca and Uyuni Salt flats, home to flamingos and otherworldly pentagons of crystalline salt.

Bolivia is a country of natural beauty. A place where many Andean cultures originate from. Head out on exceptional excursions to experience the magic of the rich culture and preserved ancestral traditions of Bolivia. At an incredible altitude of 3600 meters, you will find Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, surrounded by the mighty Andean Peaks. Dive into the vibrant city streets, that are truly full of life and discover the local delicacies - 4 restaurants that belong to the top 50 in the world. Step into Mi Teleférico and gain a unique perspective of this buzzling city. For the real thrill seeker, head to the notorious Death Road, a 60km long narrow road on 3500 meters high cliffside, a twirling road with small waterfalls, fog, landslides, and impressive views - this scenery will really get your heart rate going.

Bolivia’s most famous place and one of the world’s most beautiful natural sites are the gigantic Salar Uyuni salt flats, a landscape that endless stretches beyond the horizon. The wet season provides a unique mirror like effect that is just mesmerising and arguably one of the most photographed locations in the world. Explore the immense flats by specialised 4x4 and stay at an exceptional lodge located on the flats. Enjoy a sundowner while the sun transforms the colour of the sky and the wet salt flats magically reflect to create a vivid crimson image. After dinner, you will experience the beauty of a clear night sky, with stars shining brighter at this altitude due to no light pollution.

Leave the flats and venture out into the infinity. Head to the summit of Tunupa volcano. Tunupa is considered to be the god of the lightnings and the volcanoes. When he got cast away from the other mountain deities his tears turned into the biggest salt flat worldwide. At an incredible 5152 metres you will have a spectacular view of the salt flats dominating the landscape below. Continue east and discover the beautiful Amboró National Park, located along the Andes it is Bolivia’s lesser-known wilderness. This untouched natural reserve has an abundance of exotic wildlife like sloths, the puma and the spectacled bears. This ancient flora and fauna included excellent hiking trails or step into a helicopter and fly through the breath taking mountain range and waterfalls, land at eastern foothills of the Andes, to explore a quaint village called Samaipata, also known as the Rest in the Highlands.

Enjoy the divergence landscapes, wide expanses and festivals, local art, delicious gastronomy and ancient traditions during your trip.

Best Time to Go:
April to May & end-October
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