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By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his/ her chosen goal or destination.

- Christopher Columbus -

The vibrant Jazz on the background, an excellent cigar with a glass of rum on beautiful white sand beach having an amazing time together with your family, friends or as couple; a combination that characterizes the Caribbean and all its good times and famous vibe. It offers the perfect escape and relaxation with great grandeur. Follow the sun to Grenada and drop anchor to take in the warm glow of the sunset. Loosen up on the breathtaking beaches and hidden atolls, discover the amazing golf courses across the Caribbean, stroll around the local markets, explore each island with each such a unique character, offering vibrant and different cultures, amazing culinary experiences.

With our expertise, knowledge, and the most passionate local partners, from specialists to historians, naturalists, yacht crews and dive masters, we provide you and your travel companions with an unforgettable Caribbean adventure, whether it is a boutique hotel, yacht vacation or villa rental, we will make sure it will be off the radar of mass tourists. We recently delivered a unique and completely customised 15-day sailing itinerary around the Leeward Islands with a 53.8-meter sailing yacht, including a treasure hunt, New Year’s Eve on St. Barthelemy, hiking on Saba, golfing on St. Kitt & Nevis and exploring the breathtaking beaches on Barbuda and Tintamarre Island.

Using one of our Co-Founders, Vanesa Mestre, own words, “in my opinion the best way to really experience the Caribbean is by yacht”. With the short distances between all islands and the abundancy of docking possibilities, the Caribbean is one of the most idyllic yachting destinations in the world. Each island has its own personality and flavours, from the amazing vibrant and colourful streets of Havana, the rhythm and sway of Jamaica to the underwater sculpture park in Moliniere Bay. Head out in your yachts’ tender with expert dive guides to explore healthy fringing reefs, exhilarating drift dives and incredibly diverse marine life around the beautiful Islands of Bequia, all the way to Grenada that offers some of the best diving and snorkelling in the Caribbean, designed to attract and provide a refuge for marine life. From the amazing sceneries of St. Lucia, or the buzzing vibe of Antigua, where you will find endless ending beachfronts. Explore the La Soufriere Volcano, an active volcano that last erupted in 1979. Hike high into the clouds, 1234m up to the crater’s edge, to be treated with wonderful panoramic views. The Caribbean is made for everyone.

The Bahamas is an aquatic oasis stretching over 120 miles and home to 365 pristine cays. From the Ship Channel Cay all the way to George Town, this is an ideal route for an off-the-beaten-track adventure. You will reach new depths with your onboard submersible, fly above Blue Hole National Park, home to the world’s largest concentration of blue holes, by seaplane or take your tender to uncover untouched natural landscapes.

Best Time to Go:
February to May
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