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To enlarge the human perspective, to build on knowledge for future generations, to identify dangers, and to chart the course to a better world: If these are the goals of the explorer, then everyone - voyager, scientist and citizen, parent and child - is engaged in humanity’s momentous expedition.

- Jacques Yves Cousteau -

Fiji withholds a mystical underwater world and rainforests that are some of the most well-preserved rainforests on the planet. You will experience stunning sceneries above and below water of this paradise archipelago. The Fijian archipelago consists of more than 300 islands and atolls. Discover the beauty of the extensive palm-lined sandy beaches and clear lagoons, that border unspoiled wilderness. Only a third of this archipelago is inhabited what makes it perfect to explore these aboard a yacht where you can enjoy control over where to sail to among this beautiful archipelago, navigating between vibrant marinas and lesser-known islets to endeavour epic adventures. Discover the charm of each island and experience the world-famous hospitality with the warmest of welcomes as the coconut palms sway gently in the sea breeze around you.

Fiji is known to be called the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” by legendary undersea explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau, Fiji is brimming with dazzling diving and snorkelling sites. Go underwater to explore shallow lagoons teeming with marine life, mysterious caves and canyons, and cool coral-covered walls.  We will guide you to the best dive and snorkel sites using the unrivalled local knowledge of Fiji, among the archipelago’s most famous world-class dive destinations are the Great Astrolabe Reef surrounding Kadavu, the Outer Navula Barrier Reef, and the Namena Marine Reserve. To make the most of your yacht’s capabilities take out the sea kayaks or tenders to discover the amazing mangroves systems and warm lagoons or lay back on one of Fiji’s secluded, palm-fringed beaches and tropical waters scattered for thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean as lunch or a communal lovo is prepared for you, it will give you the feeling like a true castaway before a refreshing dip in the sea. To explore this paradise a yacht is not the only choice, once that these islands hold spectacular accommodations each with a maze of lush palms, hanging vines and the most secluded beaches. If you are really looking for something with more privacy, we have some incredible private island option hidden in this archipelago. In Fiji's Cakaudrove province you will find Laucala island, which has a stunning 18-hole Championship Course beautifully set in the old plantation, surrounded by Laucala’s dramatic mountains or explore Monuriki Island, the island where Tom Hanks made the movie Cast Away - and see if you can spot Wilson, the volleyball who is rumoured still be living on the sands. With the option to anchor your yacht directly, you have the perfect combination.

Whether you choose to discover these stunning islands by land or sea there is always a possibility to experience Fiji to the fullest. Hike through the rainforest, and across endless coconut plantations and explore the far-flung corners of these islands on foot, step into a raft and paddle through the highlands of Fiji, Viti Levu, on a river locals call The River of Eden, the Upper Navua River it is Fiji’s best kept secret, by far. It is one of the South Pacific’s most pristine rivers, protected by one of the most unique conservation co-operations in the world. Unveil this lush oasis, which is so rich in flora and fauna, uncover the vibrant melodic birds that dart amongst the canopy as you move from clear natural pools to hilltops with stunning vistas. Join in a kava ceremony, made from the dried and pounded root of a type of pepper plant before water is added and the drink is served in a large communal bowl. Witness one of Fiji’s most fascinating cultural traditions is the firewalking ceremony, practiced only by the descendants of the Sawau tribe of Beqa island. Legend has it that this gift was given to an ancestor who caught and then freed a spirit.

Watch the sun slip below the horizon from the solitude of a deserted beach as you feel the warm sand beneath your feet while you make your way for a refreshing dip in the blue waters of the sea or the famous blue lagoon. As the fires are lit to cook a traditional Fijian communal lovo in the ground and dine beneath the stars. Experience the isolated delight of Fiji on an unforgettable journey.

Best Time to Go:
June to August
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