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French Polynesia

French Polynesia

Regret is useless in life, It’s in the past. All we have is now.

- Marlon Brando -

“Ia ora na e manava” - Feel treasured in the Islands of the French Polynesia. The archipelago of French Polynesia exists out of a 121 island where from more than 70 are still inhabited each with their own magical and captivating charm, idyllic crystal-clear waters, secluded jungle and ancient culture. These islands have a long and rich history. The islands were first settled by migrating Polynesians as early as 500BC. They were later discovered by the Portuguese explorer Fernão de Magalhães in 1520, where he was struck with awe of the atoll of Puka Puka in the Tuamotu Archipelago while sailing to the Philippines. Still today these endless stretches of white sand beach fronts give way to the clear turquoise ocean. The fish life in the South Pacific is prolific and nowhere more so than French Polynesia. Here you will find coral atolls home to a wealth of coloured reef fish, as well as some amazing wrecks to dive around. This pure paradise on earth provides the perfect platform for the adventurous among, for family escapes, celebrations and so much more.

The French Polynesian archipelago is home to a selection of lavish accommodations, but to really discover those hidden coves and experience these islands from a unique perspective is by superyacht, this will provide you, and your travel companions, the ultimate platform to experience this paradise. With your V&J yacht specialist onboard, we will provide you access to experiences that would be normally not accessible.

One of the anchor points is of the coast of Mo’orea, named the most beautiful island in the world by Arthur Frommer. Head inland and explore the tropical jungles and towering volcanos that dominate the landscape of Mo’orea. The twin bays of Opunohu and Cook's on the island's north side are a haven for tropical sea life. Streams, hiking trails and wild jungle tumble from 1,207m-high Mount Tohivea. Follow these ancient trails and discover the relics of the villages and maraes which were prior ceremonial religious sites. As you climb through fertile valleys amongst lush tropical vegetation, while collecting wild fruits and fresh coconuts for a small break your local guide will share intriguing Polynesian legends, continue the trail and turn your head light on and head into the Hitiaa Lava Tubes through the intricate tunnels, wading in rivers and climbing through small waterfalls, leading you up to the summit of Mount Aorai, with an elevation of 2066 metres it is the island's third-highest peak where the sunset view are among the finest in the world. As you have might read on our website or elsewhere, at V&J we work tremendously hard to combine conservation efforts in our itineraries. While on Mo’orea you will have exclusive access to the pioneering coral reef conservation efforts of the Coral Gardeners where you will learn about their ground-breaking reconstruction methods of their coral reef around the island. Join the team and dive to the coral tables and learn hands-on how to treat and plant coral to help protect the reef of the future, enabling marine life to return and flourish. Another legend near this island is the, Teahupoo wave break, one of the most famous surf spots in the world, guided by world class surf instructors you can learn how to ride these legendary waves. Surfing has a deep routed historical history in French Polynesia, and you will find many of the locals taking on these immense waves with impressive skills.

Another reason to explore this archipelago by yacht, is the specific dive center onboard, where you can get in your dive gear at any given moment and explore the underwater world of French Polynesia as your onboard divemaster takes you to some of the best hidden diving spots. This archipelago is one of the best places in the world to dive, expect unique encounters with wild dolphins, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, marlins and even humpback whales. The Society Islands are considered the Jewel of the South Seas with Bora Bora’s protected turquoise lagoon right in the middle, it has become an iconic destination within the South Pacific, surrounded by a captivating coral reefs and marine life which offers phenomenal diving opportunities. Off the island of Raiatea lies the three masted sailing boat, Nordby, which sank in 1900, the hull is still in very good condition what makes it one of the of the best wrecks among these Islands, home to an astounding array of marine life from sharks to colourful nudibranchs. You can also head to the Fijian Mamanuca Islands, anchor off near Beachcomber Island where you will find a Martin B-26 bomber plane wreck. The Tuamotu archipelago is made out of more than 70 islands and atolls. It is a true world-renowned Scuba diving destination, these UNESCO islands include the world’s second largest atoll, Rangiroa, and the UNESCO-classified biosphere reserve in the Toau atoll. Best for diving enthusiasts, non-diving guests can snorkel in the calm waters of the lagoons.

If you are more looking for a land-based escape, do not worry, hop in your private helicopter for a scenic flight to a private paradise, while filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1962, the legendary actor Marlon Brando fell in love with the neighbouring island of Tetiaroa, and The Brando was born, an eco-resort of 35 breathtaking beach-edge villas. As you fly you will gain your first glance at the exquisite beauty that these islands embody. The Brando is a natural sanctuary surrounded by a private paradise, a unique place of stunning beauty, tranquillity, and rejuvenation. Here you are not just observing nature; you are in it. Put on a snorkelling mask and witness the underwater life at a coral garden first-hand, encountering such marine life as sea turtles, rays, reef sharks and a dazzling array of tropical fish. Explore the spectacular lagoon by Polynesian outrigger canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or simply swim at Mermaid Bay or the beach. Learn more about the captivating culture surrounding French Polynesia, dating back to their ma’ohi ancestors, where you will learn first-hand of Tahitian customs, the power of dance and unique art. Delight in a traditional Tahitian Feast upon the beach, cooked in an authentic ahima’a, an oven that has been dug into the ground, a slow cooking process that results in the most tender and delectable flavours. Enjoy a private performance of traditional music and dance, designed to celebrate the power of Polynesian culture, this unique expression will entice each of your senses.

Thriving with tropical forests and towering volcanos, head out and explore Raiatea Island, following hidden tracks and winding your way up tall mountainous peaks. Emerging from the luscious forests, you are rewarded with fantastic views down to the villages, the lagoon and the ocean beyond the reef. It will give you a good sense of the landscape of this beautiful untouched paradise. As you have might guessed, Bora Bora is by far the most known island in the South Pacific and home to a selection of beautiful boutique hotels, with the iconic overwater bungalows, staying here will really give you a feeling of pure serenity, surrounded by the mighty Pacific waters and views over tropical groves, white sand beaches and palm trees, sea turtles swimming through the lagoon, this serene setting offers you true relaxation with spa treatments that blend traditional Polynesian rituals with the freshest of ingredients. An adventure around the French Polynesian archipelago offers something for everyone with a variety of exciting activities among the island and the ocean.

Best Time to Go:
June to August
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