Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Traveling - it offers you a hundred roads to adventure, and gives your heart wings!

- Ibn Battuta -

The birthplace and spiritual home of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a mysterious desert kingdom that has been closed to much of the outside world until recently. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has undergone a significant cultural transformation, evolving century-old customs to fit the contemporary world. On this journey we offer a unique combination of adventure, where you can explore this uncharted region while seeing the most challenging rally in the world, the Dakar Rally.

On this unique adventure you will discover the hidden treasures of this uncharted territory on an exclusive glimpse at a realm veiled in secrecy. Discover the carved temples of Madain Saleh, known as the second Petra, and stand in awe of the sophisticated rock art of Jubbah, some of the kingdom’s greatest pre-Islamic treasures. Venture to Riyadh, a showpiece for modern Saudi Arabia and famed for the date market to taste and learn of their significance before exploring Dir’ayah, where the state of Saudi Arabia first began. We will make our way to the mesmerising Edge of the World, looking over the endless sand dunes, walk up the impressive slopes and admire as the cliffs disappear into uninterrupted panoramas stretching as far you can see.

Explore together with your personal historian the unseen wonder of the world, dating back to pre-Islamic times, the desert region of AlUla an UNESCO World Heritage Site, full of sculpted sandstone, monumental rocks and exceptional landscapes. Walk through the Old town of AlUla, the fascinating abandoned ruins of a town founded in the 6th century where preserved tombs and historic houses remain. Step into your 4x4 and drive through the dancing mountains of Ragasat and let the beautiful scenery place it spells on you, swap your 4x4 for adrenaline-fuelled dune buggies and race through the narrow labyrinth of canyons. Make a stop in this majestic environment, savour a special arranged lunch while taking in this extraordinary scenery.

Discover the Arabian culture at Madain Saleh, the country’s first heritage site renowned for its preserved ancient carvings and extraordinary remnants, finish the day with a stunning sunset over the Lonely Castle of the Nabataeans – the inhabitants who once ruled over this area. Surrounded by the emptiness of the desert, enjoy a private BBQ, and experience the isolation of the desert. Continue your adventure to the tremendous natural wonder, Wadi Dissah. Drive in your 4x4 through the 15 kilometres long canyon where fresh water runs beneath the hanging cliffs and swaying nature that flourish throughout. Join our specialist and visit an Arabian Leopard project and learn more about these rare majestic wild cats. Saudi Arabia has committed to invest and support the conservation of this endangered species with future plans to breed and reintroduce the leopard into Sharaan Nature Reserve.

Join us and venture through these ancient landscapes with unique experiences while spectating the most challenging rally in the world, where the trucks, cars and motorcycles break through the sand dunes and coordinate their way through the narrow canyons while you watch from your helicopter or located on fantastic locations providing unforgettable sceneries. Experience Saudi Arabia and the Dakar Rally in a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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Due to the characteristics of this Unique Adventure, the itinerary will be crafted upon request. The Personal Travel Advisor may have to contact you to clarify any doubts in order to deliver a product to suit your requirements.


(1) Price per person based on double occupancy

(2) Detailed itinerary to be shared after first interactions with your Personal Travel Advisor

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