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OceanSky Cruises

OceanSky Cruises

I shall find my way or make one.

- Robert E. Peary -

Journey to the north pole on the most comfortable and quieter way possible

Experience the ultimate bucket list expedition to the North Pole in exclusive luxury. Board the Airlander 10, the first hybrid aircraft in history that sets out a pioneering expedition to the North Pole. With a capacity up to 16 passengers and a crew of 8 you will be able to enjoy luxurious, private suite bedrooms and horizon to horizon views in the aircraft’s infinity lounge. The altitude bar will offer drinks, with the ultimate view. Experience fine dining experiences prepared by world renowned chef Jesper Vollmer, former chef for the Danish Royal Family and Michelin star restaurants, while flying over icebergs towards one of the most remote places on the planet.

The Nordic offers mysterious atmospherically phenomena that only occur above certain latitudes. The tilt of the earth’s axis and the magnetic field going through the core of our planet are the root causes of these beautiful and spectacular displays of nature. Joined by your private expedition Leader Robert Swan, an arctic explorer and the first person to reach both the North and South Pole by foot, you will explore these white landscapes on an exceptional excursion, polar bears, whales, arctic foxes, narwhals and seals spot the iconic fauna in a quiet visit with humble respect for the sensitive nature and wildlife of the North Pole.

This expedition truly shows that travel and transport by air can be sustainable. Lighter-than-air technology can supply humanity with ultra-efficient means of mobility and operate in areas without infrastructure and civilization. Created for the traveller who wants to experience the Arctic in a unique way, and at the same time contribute to the development of sustainable travel.

Limited tickets open for bookings

First season 2023

Best Time to Go:
Depends on Flight Schedule
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