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When you go out there you don't get away from it all, you get back to it all. You come home to what's important. You come home to yourself.

- Peter Dombrovskis -

Covered with world heritage sites and national parks, Tasmania’s landscapes and wilderness is unlike any other you have seen. Tasmania is really one of greatest hidden secrets of Australia. Prepare yourself for the endless breathtaking sceneries and wildlife, deserted white sand beaches, extraordinary mountain areas and forests that are completely untouched. Its nature and culture rich regions make you want to slow down and explore further and deeper. Whether you favour adventure or leisure, you will find a wealth of possibilities on a journey through this land of rugged beauty.

Head west and discover the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area that takes one-fifth of Tasmania. It is one of Earth’s last real wilderness areas, protecting a vast tract of temperate rainforest and its ancient plants and unique wildlife. With a history stretching back 40.000 years, western Tasmania has Aboriginal sites brimming with artifacts and holding cave systems with Ice Age rock art. Over landscape formed more than 150 million years ago, you will traverse glacially carved valleys, thick rainforests, button grass moorland, and alpine meadows, all steeped in beauty. At night, kick back with a hot shower and treat yourself with sensational food & wine prepared by renowned local chefs and witness the galaxy floating by above you.

Join the rangers of the Trowunna Wildlife Park and encounter some of Tasmania’s unique and endearing wildlife species such as eastern quolls, wallabies, wombats, and brush tail possums - learn about the invaluable role in the region’s wildlife conservation, about the world’s largest heritage population of endangered Tasmanian devils and the incredible focus on conservation, education and rehabilitation.

Known as the land of a thousand lakes, its many alpine tarns were formed by glacial action 8.000 to 20.000 years ago. Escape to one of the most famous wilderness retreats in this secluded lakeside, The Pumphouse Point. This wilderness experience on the Southern Hemisphere’s deepest lake offers a variety of exciting activities around this spellbinding natural environment. Journey deep into the rugged mountain ranges of the west coast. Mount Murchison is a challenging 1278m alpine circuit near Tullah that rewards with views of glacial lakes. The Mount Dundas track reveals rainforest and the Fraser Creek Hut. Further south, near Queenstown, join a 4x4 excursion for an action-packed Mountain Heights and Wildlife Nights 4x4 adventure to Mount Owen for a serene sunset at the top of the peak. From the summit you can take in incredible 360-degree views out to the natural beauty.

Exploration super yachts are destined to seek out the most extraordinary adventures, and no destination encapsulates the spirit of exploration quite like Tasmania. An enchanting blend of exquisite cruising grounds, rugged terrain, and breathtaking beaches with scattering of pristine islands. Tasmania holds all the ingredients for an unforgettable yacht expedition. Journey through Tasmania’s diverse and untouched landscapes, embarking on extreme activities in the wilderness.

Best Time to Go:
September to November & March to May
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