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Southern Lights

Southern Lights in Tasmania

The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.

- Marcus Aurelius -

This phenomenon is the more reserved version of the famed Northern Lights seen across Arctic Regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Tasmania is unarguably the best place in the world to witness the southern version of this elusive and ethereal light show. Given that the earth’s magnetic field is closest to its surface and the North and South Poles. The atoms bring various colours out, green, and red representing oxygen, and nitrogen reflected in green and blue. Southern Lights are the lesser-known counterpart to its famous alternative, the Northern Lights. Tasmania is an astonishing blend of heritage and authenticity with the purest air.

We created an epic 10-day itinerary around the southern tip of Tasmania. Kick of your expedition in Australia’s second oldest city - Hobart. This is a destination that has an abundance of World heritage sites complete with expansive scenery, colonial history, and varied natural attractions. Summit the regions landmark, Mount Wellington for stunning views over Hobart. After a day of exploration head back to the yacht, where the crew prepared a marvellous dinner at the teppanyaki grill, complete with some of Tasmania’s delicious local seafood.

The next day, wake up anchored on the coast of Bruny island. This island natural rough habitat is made up of rugged cliffs and has an abundancy of wildlife. After a lovely breakfast on the beach and short briefing it’s time to explore these beautiful natural landscapes after an intensive bushwalk make your way back to the lush coastline where the table is set for you for a local culinary experience. Bruny island is famous for its local cheeses and cool climate wines. Enjoy tasting some of the island’s best cheeses paired with some of their most prestige’s wines. Bruny island is undoubtedly the best place in Tasmania to witness the beautiful Aurora Australis.

We created this itinerary as versatile as possible, from Hartz Mountains National Park, this park overlooks the south-west wilderness of Tasmania and offers beautiful walks and mountain bike trails with panoramic views, stepping into a seaplane for a breathtaking flight over the most abundant natural landscapes of Port Davey to surfing Tasmania’s best waves at Clifton Beach, dive below the surface at eagle hawk neck, this is a world class diving spot that includes the famous Cathedral Cave as well as the historic wreck of SS Nord. There is also a magical sponge garden where you can dive along with fur seals. Accompanied by a marine biologist with extensive local knowledge, you are in for a dive experience of a lifetime.

We will end the voyage near Freycinet National Park, this region boasts dramatic pink granite peaks and enticing secluded bays. We can anchor up and tender in to relax on white sandy beaches or take a scenic hike to the panoramic Wineglass Bay lookout. We will explore the gorgeous hidden bays and stop to sample the sumptuous cuisines available in the area, a perfect location to put the full arsenal of the superyacht tenders and toys to the test. The diving and hiking opportunities reveal scenic landscapes no matter where you are.

Winter is prime time to witness nature's disco ball, with the long southern night’s drawing out the potential for a light show. That said, the Aurora Australis can be seen year-round from Tasmania, the November 2020 dazzler appeared less than four weeks before summer. Weather and atmospheric conditions are important factors. Cloudy nights obscure any aurora activity, while the light of the moon can also dim the aurora experience. The moon phase is incredibly important, make sure that there are no clouds and when the moon is getting to the darker phases, 25% or less that will be the perfect moment.

This voyage is explicitly designed to carry out by yacht, such as the Beast.

Best Time to Go:
May to September
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