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Venice Simplon Orient Express

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

- Eleanor Roosevelt -

In this unique train voyage, we gave the Venice Simplon Orient Express a V&J twist and created an authentic and unforgettable experience. You will experience Venice and London like never before.

No matter how often you have seen Venice in films or documentaries, when you wander through the ancient streets it is exceptional. Venice undeniable romance of the art, literature and architecture are the three cornerstones of this unforgettable city, the beautiful Moorish and Byzantine architectural masterpieces are everywhere you turn. The exquisite views from Campanile di San Marco and the singular architecture of Campo Santa Maria Formosa and of course the famous Venetian zest for life with great food and wine experiences.

The Venice Simplon Orient Express (“VSO”) is a monument on rails. Step aboard the elegant carriages of the legendary VSO, revive the heyday of train travel. In this “Grand Hotel on Wheels” enjoy all the comfort and grandeur that was only reserved for royalty, aristocrats, movie stars and writers at the beginning of the last century. The beautiful wood panels and beautiful interiors are creations by famous Jugendstil artists including René Lalique. The service on board the VSO is of the highest level. Let the beautiful landscapes of the Dolomites and the Alps glide by while being surrounded by classical elegancy.

The finish of your unforgettable voyage is in the city of London, situated on the banks of the river Thames, one of the oldest cities of the world, a marvellous melting pot of the old and the new, the traditional and the millennial.

Other option with the V.O.S. Express

Once a year, in August / September, the VOS takes its guests for a 5-day voyage to Vienna, Budapest and Prague, the VOS travels then from Paris to Istanbul and back to Venice. This exclusive voyage also includes hotel accommodation and excursions to the destinations.

Contact your V&J specialist for more information about this voyage.

(Please be aware this voyage is in high demand and seats are limited)

Upgrade to a Grand Suite

Staying in a Grand Suite you will enjoy extra services onboard the VOS, such as butler service, caviar on arrival on the train, unlimited champagne during the journey, gourmet meals on request in the privacy of the private suite, tailor-made personal amenities and complimentary Art Deco bathrobes.

Ask your V&J specialist for more information.

Best Time to Go:
September to November
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