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The Branch

The Branch

We have created, The Branch, a sector within V&J specialised in creating inspiring adventures and events for companies or larger groups. Through our travel principals, we create opportunities to strengthen and amplify employee engagement, the relationship between your company and your industry partners. Take customer loyalty to a complete other level or celebrate a milestone or achievement with your organization.


We design adventures, unforgettable experiences, and celebration events for innovative brands, continuously raising the bar in corporate experiences and brand activations, while simultaneously, encouraging to travel with purpose. Because of our work methods and values, we provide the possibility to plan your event on the most remote and breathtaking locations around the globe.


Voyages & Journeys understands better than anybody that each outing requires different tactics and approach. We operate together with a huge array of pioneers in their own industry and unique locations so that we can deliver memories and stories that last a lifetime.


Due to our extensive and exceptional global network we are able to operate with embassies, conservation projects, field experts, local governments, special forces, production specialists, photographers, videographers and scientists - to ensure that you and your travel companions experience the wildest places on the planet in a way that you will never forget.


With every request we explore every possible resource to provide you and your company exclusive possibilities completely customised to the needs and to your wishes.

Inspire, reward, or motivate your employees

Travelling with Voyages & Journeys makes exploring the most remote and beautiful corners around the globe, with purpose, remarkably straightforward. This is because every adventure or journey we design and carry out is socially responsible towards local communities and conservation projects. This approach enables us to provide unforgettable experiences for individuals and groups representing your brand.


Whether it is to race, build, learn, lead or trek, we combine your company’s core values with our expertise to create experiences that encourage performance and inspires, motivate and rewards your employees.

Launch your brand and products on unique locations

At Voyages & Journeys, we understand better than most that location is key to launch your brand and/or products. It needs to surpass everybody’s imagination, and we provide locations and plan events that never thought possible.


Together, we dive into the details of your brand and product and see which experiences fits the best with the brand goals that you want to reach, and then customise everything into the tiniest details in such a way that it will surpass every expectation your existing audiences and impress brand new ones.

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