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Extreme Destinations

Endeavour to the World's Most Extreme Destinations


Everybody knows the main yacht destinations, such as the Mediterranean or parts of the Caribbean, what is of course never dull. At Voyages & Journeys we want to show you the possibilities outside these yachting routes, and where we are truly in our element! Of course, we have also available our “are you out of your da** mind?” destinations – seen for many as dangerous travel zones, are, for us, a viable destination for the ultimate adventure.

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With the astonishing capabilities seen on the latest explorer yachts, the list of NO-GO destinations around the globe is getting slimmer and some of the world’s most remote and challenging destinations are beginning to give up their secrets. However, destinations like the Gulf of Guinea or Margarita Island are still Piracy hotspots. At V&J we spend a fair amount of time in our daily operations to study and stay up to date about these destinations, and therefore we care able to design and provide exceptional yacht itineraries among the remote corners of the world for restless yacht owners or charters.

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Sadly enough, the challenges and limiting factors in exploration terms around these destinations are made by humanity itself. Piracy, conflict zones, poor security and even nuclear testing put some places out of reach. These types of expeditions require knowledge and know-how from specialist guides or pilots, not even mentioning the local relations to require the correct permits. This is where our strength, reliability and knowledge are most treasured. With Vanessa’s and Jasper’s profound background in operating in the harshest environments around the globe, during their time operating offshore, we are more than prepared to provide you with the most exciting itineraries, whether you are a yacht owner, charterer, or broker.

To endeavour on expeditions of this calibre should not be taken lithely, the costs can extend significantly, but totally worthy when compared to the value of the yacht and more importantly the safety of the passengers. The foundation of an unforgettable yacht expedition is planning, planning and preparations for any contingency or medical contingencies. Among these extreme destinations, a hospital can be more than a day away even by helicopter. While heliskiing operations in Greenland or Antarctica there must be a second helicopter or supply vessel for rescue operations. During our yacht expeditions there is always a V&J specialist onboard to assist the captain and crew during unexpected situations and to assist you on the day-to-day execution, but also to ensure that the best waste management practices are being followed.

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Are you interested to endeavour on a yacht expedition to the ends of the earth?

Here are a few of the destinations where we can provide these types of adventures: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Antarctica, Arctic, Socotra, Northwest Passage, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu islands

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